Merkur Safety Razor Review

Merkur is a premium company that crafts premium razors.

Though many, many companies have made safety razors since they first came about in 1880, nobody in today’s world makes the design quite like Merkur.

The organization has a range of different safety razors out on the market, each with their own style and specifications.

That can make narrowing down the search for a Merkur safety razor a little difficult. Luckily, there are a few choice designs that, thanks to their own functionality, rise above the rest.

The Best Merkur Safety Razor Models

When you buy a Merkur safety razor you know you’re going to get a quality product. That is a baseline, and it is one that all of the following devices can match with ease.

As such, when breaking down the company’s products you need to dig a little bit deeper.

It is not simply what the razors are able to do (they all give a complete and smooth shave), it is about the extra details that set them apart from one another.

1. Futur Brushed Chrome

Merkur Safety Razor Vision 2000

As Merkur is such a premium brand, it would make sense to start with their most lavish razor.

The Futur Brushed Chrome is an incredible product all around. Though, like ever Merkur safety razor, this has a relatively minimalist look far from the ordinary.

This special double-edge safety razor comes in a tin box. A small touch, but one that matters.

The case ensures you know how elegant and seamless the razor is right off the bat. First impressions are important, and this model nails that.

From there, the device only gets better.

Every Merkur razor on this list has its own special attributes. For the Futur Brushed Chrome, there is the adjust feature that enables you to control just how much blade you expose while you shave.

Rather than being stuck with one measurement, you get to specially tailor the shave for you. That ensures you’ll always look exactly how you want. It also crafts the closest possible shave.

As an extra bonus, the seamlessly crafted product looks incredible. It has the sleek look you’d expect from Merkur but with a few extra aspects that push it over the top.

A Higher Quality Device

For example, the Futur Brushed Chrome is finished in a brushed satin chrome and has a smooth matte surfaced handle.

Everything about it screams high class. Not only do you get the excellent adjustment ability, but you get the beautiful exterior and great tin.

At 4.75 inches and just 4.5 ounces, it also is easy to use and fits great in your hand. Feel is not something many people think about when making a razor purchase, but it is key to a great experience.

Just know that this is one of the more difficult razors to use. For that reason, it is often best to only use the Futur Brushed Chrome if you have experience using safety razors.

Even so, for a close shave that is completely unmatched by anything else on the market, this is absolutely the way to go.

The next Merkur safety razor is the 42C.

Unlike the Vision 2000, this model is perfect for anyone who wants to get a quick and easy shave. There are no advanced techniques needed to use this one, and that alone makes it extremely appealing.

This good-looking 3-piece razor has a heavy-duty head as well as a six-sided retro-handle that gives it a classy old-school look. Of course, that does not make the entire blade what it is, but it’s a nice touch.

It is also worth mentioning that the engraved handle offers a non-slip grip. That makes this model perfect for people who like to shave in the shower or whose hands often get wet frequently during the shaving process.

Continuing on the idea of looks, this Merkur safety razor is crafted from stellar nickel-plated chrome. Everything on this one is silver, from the capped base all the way to the grooved blade.

The razor has a great weight as well. While it is not the lightest model you’ll encounter, it is perfectly balanced. That then translates to the shave, giving you a close, clean cut. It is also quite strong, holding up for a shave after shave.

Use in Every Occasion

The attributes don’t stop with the above paragraphs.

The razor also has a safety bar (necessary for keeping your face safe and cut-free) as well as an open and closed comb.

The blade housing is incredibly easy to open. This holds up even when you have wet hands, revealing yet another reason why this razor is so good for people who shave in the shower or with a lot of water.

You will also notice that this is one of the more affordable Merkur safety razors around. The company makes great products but many command a high price.

If you want something on the cheaper side, this is a great choice. It works as a perfect intro to safety razors as well.

The final thing to note about the 42C is that, as it is smaller than most razors, many people use it for their body. It does a great job on the face, but it is a good option for those who want to shave other areas.

Third up on our list is the Merkur 23C (also known as the Merkur 180).

What makes this 3-piece model special is that it comes with an extra-long handle as well as a lightweight DE head. Both of those features elevate the razor and mark it as one of the best around.

First, the handle is completely finished in chrome. As with all of the other models on this list, that gives it a unique look you’ll be proud to own.

The extra-long shaft is particularly perfect for people with bigger hands or those who want more control. It complements the excellent non-slip grip so that you never have to worry about losing your way as you shave.

In addition, this is one of the easier to use razors. Though some safety razors can be a bit complicated (especially when you get higher up in price), it is always nice when you can buy something and make use of it right away.

All you need to do is twist the blade house open and drop a new one inside. Two steps and you’re off and shaving.

A Razor You Can Adjust

If you like to customize your shaves (and who doesn’t?), you can also adjust the 23C to your exact specifications. This is similar to the features on the 2000 Vision, and they always give you the shave you want.

Not only does that make the shave one of the closest you’ll get from a Merkur safety razor, but it causes the whole experience to be incredibly smooth as well. That is thanks to the closed comb, which actively prevents razor burn and allows the device to easily move through your beard or mustache.

If you like to be more aggressive while shaving, this may be the option for you.

That system also gathers less debris than other models and stops old hair from going onto the skin. In that way, it can also be used to stop ingrown hairs or other similar issues.

Those upgrades, along with the crafty handle and extra grip, have made this one of Merkur’s best-selling models.

The next razor, the Merkur 34C continues the high-quality trend of the above models in a big way. This device, which is a 2-piece double edge safety model, offers a wide range of features to create one of the sturdiest models on this list.

First and foremost, this is a durable razor.

Not only is the chrome-finished body solid enough to withstand years of shaving, but the thick handle works with the safe, firm grip to ensure that you can reliably wield it no matter how wet you or the razor gets.

Accompanying those features is the three-inch handle (another bonus for those with big hands) which furthers the ease-of-use.

In fact, the 34C HD is perhaps the best razor when it comes to being able to shave through thick or unwieldy beards. The extra control it offers for general use is great for tough textures that other razors would not be able to handle.

If you find that many razors are not up to your facial hair, this Merkur safety razor is the best option for you.

More than Just Toughness

Going beyond the heavy-duty use, the 34C HD acts as a solid razor. It has a classic head, a feature that uses exceptional weight to give the user a close and comfortable shave. For that reason, despite its sturdy build, the 34C HD is commonly regarded as a starter razor due to its blend of balance and size.

The weight built into the strong body reduces pull when you drag across your face. That cuts back on the burn that can come from trimming or cutting stubby beards.

All of that blends together to make one of the smoothest and cleanest shaves you’ll ever get. Regardless of age or face type, this cuts clean.

Finally, it is also worth mentioning that this Merkur safety razor cleans exceptionally well. Just a simple wash should instantly clear it of any shaving residue. That is always handy to have, but it is particularly important when dealing with something made for heavy duty shaves.

5. Futur Adjustable Gold-Plated Razor

mecur futur gold plated

Rounding out this list is the Futur Adjustable Gold-Plated Razor. Every Merkur safety razor is a high-class product, so why not be a little flashy?

As the name suggests, this model comes with an incredible gold finish that truly shines. There is nothing wrong with Merkur’s other silver-finished items, but the gold is truly something special.

This adjustable-gap double edge razor has a special snap-on cap design that adds to the overall aesthetics and furthers the high standard set by the color.

With that upgrade, loading in a new blade is as easy as 1-2-3.

Though it is easy to get caught up in the exterior of this razor, do not get fooled into thinking that’s all it can offer. The features are an exception as well.

Beyond the Bling

The blade has fully adjustable settings that allow you to fine-tune it for the perfect shave. This particular aspect is in many high-class razors due to how useful it has proven to be. It is especially great when you need to work on sensitive areas like the neck or upper lip.

Something else to note is that, as with all of the other razors on this list, the Futur is perfectly balanced.

The great weight gives it a good feel in the hand, but it also means you don’t have to work too hard while shaving.

Rather than pressing back and causing an unnecessary burn, all you need to do is hold the razor at about a 30-degree angle and let it slide.

If you want a truly special experience while trimming, this is the best way to go.

A Razor Company Like No Other

stainless safety razor

Image by WikimediaImages from Pixabay

Every Merkur safety razor brings something different to the table. Some of them are for strong, tough beards, some are more versatile, and some are fine-tuned for quick shaves.

All of the above options have their own capabilities and strengths. Know what you want before doing your research and then track down the one that suits your need, face, or style.

It is easy to go cheap with a razor. However, most multi-bladed options have numerous drawbacks that safety razors lack. You don’t get the burn, the confusion, and you also get the ability to handle much tougher hair.

There are several safety razor companies out there, but so few of them can match with Merkur. Anything from them is going to be quality. It’s up to you to decide exactly what quality you want.

Featured Image by jacqueline macou from Pixabay

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