Conair GMT900 iStubble Trimmer Reviews

Conair iStubble Trimmer ReviewsConair GMT900 iStubble is the right trimmer for you if you would like to have a stubbly look, or if you have been thinking of getting that early morning shadowy look. You can get any sort of rugged look with the most perfect pick we have here. It is going to be easy for you to adjust the length up and down, from 0.4 to 5.0. If you are a man with different tastes regarding facial hair, then this cordless trimmer is a great product for you.

The trimmer design is awfully susceptible to humidity. If moisture droplets get inside it, then this could make all the buttons non-responsive. The personal hair grooming market currently is filled with Wahl’s, Conair’s, Philip’s, Remington’s and Braun’s, and all of them offer to modify the way you trim, maintain and style your facial mane. Now, the Conair GMT900 iStubble Trimmer is now one of the most successful beard trimmers out in the market, available. It promises you innovative stubble controlling technology which would redesign your daily trimming routine.

The cordless and stylish GMT900 delivers you with what it promises. It will offer you accuracy, ease in use and unswerving results for all its consumers. Keeping that in mind, we would give the GMT900 trimmer a 4 out of 5. Our assessment is based on the ability of the tool to ease up the shadow control, sleekness, and create nice stubble.

  • Superior Stubble Control

Most trimmers in the market need you to fix various comb lengths in order to groom your hair, but the GMT900 trimmer uses a motorized and electronic length control to adjust the length. The 15 adjustable settings of length range from as low as 0.4mm to as high as 5.0mm. not only that, there are increments as well, of 0.2mm from 0.4mm and then to 2.0 mm, alongside increments of 0.5mm from 2.0mm,  up to  5.0mm. Below the high quality LCD display, there are buttons to adjust these things, right on top of the power on/off knob. If you want a really close trim, all you have to do is flip the comb back and continue to use the trimming tools like you use an electric razor.

  • Exclusive Head

The GMT900 is equipped with a contouring and floating head, that will give you a superb and smooth, even trim. The head tracks and locks the contours all over your face to try and work to achieve higher accuracy and utmost comfort. It will also prevent the tugging of hair and nicks that are present in other facial hair trimmers available out there.

The uniqueness of the head’s design is highly beneficial, for you would not have to guess what the accurate angle for the trim ought to be. Instead of that, all you are going to have to do is just press this trimmer straight and flat upon your face. Finally, the need for a skin friendly and soothing aftershave product is eradicated completely, since the trimmer is designed to irritate not your skin at all.

  • Long-lasting battery life

The GMT900 needs a 16 hour charge to begin with. After that, you would have to combine the double battery system with a rapid charging system. This would provide you with a long-living battery life, plus it would be easy and quick to reload. It also has a battery indicator light that would glow and inform you as soon as your battery starts to run low. Last of all, this trimmer can automatically switch itself off after one minute if you are not using it, which helps you conserve battery.

  • Cleaning is Hassle-Free

The trimmer is designed with a blade which would come off easily, whenever you would need to wipe it with the brush that comes with it. In addition, it is quite easy to maintain, and it includes oiling all the blades only once per month.

Features and Qualifications:

  • The structure of the iStubble trimmer is remarkably strong, having a plastic cover and a comb attachment, along with metal blades with it.
  • Those blades we mentioned, they have been designed and formed through an electro-chemical procedure, which gives them supreme sharpness, precision and durability. Furthermore, you only need one or two strokes at most in order to attain the look you desire.
  • The iStubble comes with a crystal clear and superb LCD display which would show you the settings that you work with at any given time. This consists of the length to which you are trimming.
  • The ergonomic and solid design of this trimmer would make it really easy for you to hold as well as use. This iStubble stands in measurement as the following – 3.5 inches by 7.2 inches by 11 inches. The weight is 14.4 oz. it would fit comfortably in the palm of your hand.
  • You will find that there is sufficient insulation all around the built-in motor of this trimmer. This would prevent any undesirable and uncomfortable heating up of the trimmers while you use it.
  • The iStubble trimmer is exceedingly robust, and it is evident from the 5 years warranty which is offered by the brand along with it.

The Cons:

Like all other personal and available grooming tools, the GMT900 comes equipped with its disadvantages. First of all, the trim length will reset every time you would turn it off instead of the system saving the last used length. It means that every time that you trim the stubble on your face, you are going to set the trimming length manually all over again.

Conair iStubble Trimmer

Conair iStubble Trimmer

Secondly, this best beard trimmer 2015 is a tool that is particularly susceptible to dampness and humidity. If moisture droplets get anywhere inside it, it could make all the buttons totally non-responsive. Therefore, to avoid a trimmer system break down, we advise you to not place your trimmer anywhere near the wet sink. Also, please do not use it, in case you are planning to, on wet hair.

Like we have listed, the problems with the GMT900 trimmer are more or less minor and insipid compared to its many benefits. The trimmer is remarkably unique, adaptable, accurate and consistent. It helps you to keep and maintain a great look in regard of a tidy beard, moustache and/or a goatee. But, you must remember one thing: the Conair GMT900 iStubble Facial Hair Trimmer is only meant to give you varied length trimming of beard, but it is not meant to provide detailed trimming in your facial finishes and lines.

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