7 Best Electric Shavers for Men

man is shaving his face using the best electric shaver for men

Picking the 7 best electric shavers for men is not a very easy task for many men out there because most shavers never give you the close shave you want, while others can irritate your skin with rashes. So, if you are looking for the best electric shaver  that can be the best fit for your shaving needs, then I ensure you that you have come to the right place that can help give you honest reviews to help you find your desired shaver. This article will help you find the best fit for you through trials, reviews, and research!

Best Electric Shaver 

After trials and research, I have conducted, I finally created this up-to-date list of the best electric shavers for men. I can ensure you that these are the best models from any others on the market. Let's check out these top 7 most recommended shavers for men in the marketplace.



Price / Reviews

Braun 9090cc Braun series 9 Shaver

World’s most efficient shaver, 5 synchronized shaving elements, 2 specialized trimmers, Innovative SyncroSonicTM technology

Panasonic ES-LV95-S Electric Shavers

Award-winning electric razor, 14,000 cuts per minute, Multi-Flex pivoting head, Long-lasting rechargeable battery

Braun Series 7 799CC Wet/Dry Shaver

Wet / dry innovative pulsonic technology, 3 personalization modes, Fully flexible shaving system, Opt foil

Philips Norelco S9721 / 84-9700 Shavers

8 directions for an extremely close result, Wet or dry electric shave system, Choose the speed setting, SmartClean System

Panasonic ES-LV81-K Arc5 Shavers

Premium and award-winning, 14,000 cuts her minute, Multi-Flex pivoting head, Automatic cleaning & charging station

Philips Norelco 1280X/47 SensoTouch 3D

Three-dimensional-contouring, Combine channels to catch the longer hairs, Jet clean system, Adjusts seamlessly

Braun CoolTech Men's Shaving System

Active cooling technology, Adaptable 3-stage cutting system, SensoBlade technology, Clean & Renew system

Remington XR-1370 Hyper Series

Complete comfort with precision closeness, 60 minutes of cordless runtime, 100% waterproof, Inhibits bacterial growth

After coming to the market, Braun 9090cc shaver became the hottest kit t0 have. This shaving kit is the best product yet of the famous brand Braun. I highly recommend this shaver if you are not satisfied with your current kit or are looking for a better one that can give you the ultimate shave. After first trials, this Braun series 9 shaver became my favorite one. You can pick this shaver without any hesitation. Currently, this one is the number one foil shaver on the market.

It is best for your 3 day-long beard because it is proven to be an efficient and comfortable shaver. This kit uses Intelligent SyncroSonic technology with 4 specialized cutting systems. It can cut 40,000 times each minute, and it's specially designed to capture different kinds of hair. The latest edition is the quadruple action cutting system with the highest facial adaptability. Within a short period, this shaver gets 300+ positive reviews on Amazon for its top class superiority.

The trimmer cuts hair efficiently on the neck and chin, while the shaver's direct and cut trimmer technology ensures a smooth shave for hair that grows in different directions, giving you the best shaving experience. Powered by a Lithium-ion battery that lasts longer than the average battery life, this waterproof shaver can last almost up to an hour of cordless shaving and is suitable for a dry shave and wet shave. It has a display on the screen that shows the status of the battery, hygiene alert, and travel lock indicator.

If you are having a problem with your thick facial hair and want to get rid of this problem, then the Panasonic ES-LV95-S is the best option for you, and I highly recommended it. You may have used many shavers before now, but they may not have given you the result you were hoping for, but with this shaver, you will constantly be surprised and satisfied with the results.

The Panasonic ES-LV95-S uses the 5-blade cutting technology, which is the first of its kind and it will save you from your shaving problems. This shaver comes with 100% waterproof technology which contains 30-Degree NANO BLADES to give you a faster and closer shaving performance. It also has an automatic charging and cleaning system with a built-in trimmer.

On Amazon, many customers reviewed it as the best shaver they used ever, but it's not the best option for those of you with thin facial hair since it's expensive and you could easily use another shaver for a lower price. For thick facial hair, there are no other better alternatives for this specific shaver. For its overall performance, it takes the number one position in our top 7 recommended shaver list in 2019.

The Braun Series 7 799-cc is the best one for replacing the series 7 790CC. In the present market, it is the most advanced shaver from the German-brand Braun. It is considered as Braun’s up-to-date shaver which uses the latest technology to build this razor. I put this one in the number two spot because its performance is awesome, but also a little pricey.

It is made from an advanced shaving system which is why it can give you the highest flexibility. The flexible shaver head perfects even the most difficult contours. 40° pivoting shaver head navigates efficiently along larger contours for best skin contact and smooth shave. It has individual suspension of all cutting components reacts even to the smallest forms for ultimate shaving experience.

Series 7 799-cc is perfect for both dry and wet shaving. It is the top pick for men who want wet shaving without skin irritation and the best for flexible shaving. Every minute, it creates 10,000 micro vibrations that can help you cut and capture more hair with every stroke. It has 3 types of shaving modes – normal, intensive, and extra sensitive that can help you to manage your beard effectively within different facial areas. For its use of advanced technology, Braun electric shaver is the best-selling shaver in the market.

The Philips Norelco S9721/84 9700 shaver will be the best pick in 2019 if you are looking to change your old Philips shaver and want an excellent shaving performance. Its head moves in 8-positions freely to follow every curve of your face. Its advanced outlining helps to capture more hairs within each pass.

Its advanced designed cutting blade gives you a close and comfortable shave by catching hair from different positions. You can also select speed type – slow, medium and fast- that fits you best, depending on your facial hair and skin type. It has a premium user interface so that you can easily control its performance to get the best output.

Philips Norelco S9721/84 is made with an advanced multi-display indicator to track its movement with every step; it also has a low battery, battery level, head replacement, cleaning, and travel lock indicators. I love its sleek design and shape which makes it easy to use even in the shower. Due to its multi-function technology, it takes third place in my review of the top 7 shavers.

Panasonic ES-LV81-K is another one of the best electric razors from the Panasonic brand which contains a 5-blade (30-degree nano blade) advanced cutting system with 14,000 CPM linear motor power that makes this shaver super fast. With this shaver, you can easily get a close, fast, and clean shave.

It’s made using foil technology that can help you to capture and cut long, thick facial hairs smoothly. It also features automatic charging and cleaning technology that helps you to charge, clean and dry easily with a built-in pop-up trimmer. For its high-speed motor power, it produces much less noise than other similar shavers.

Panasonic ES-LV81-K is made by the Japanese and it is 100% waterproof and capable of both dry and wet shaving modes. If you are looking for a mid-range shaver with the best shaving performance then this is the right one for you.

Philips Norelco 1280x SensoTouch will be best pick for you if you love rotary shavers. There is no doubt that this is the top rotary shaver in the present market. It can give you a clean and close shave around your neck and your jawline. You will also get a fast shave with Norelco 1280x and it can even be less than 3 minutes.

You can also use it for dry and wet shaving. If you have sensitive skin then I recommend this rotary shaver. It also contains JET Cleaning technology that can clean, charge and lubricate the shaving unit. With this shaver, you can get a smooth and comfortable shave because it prevents irritation.

It has a powerful battery which can give you up to 60 minutes of shaving time just by simply charging it for an hour. If you want the best rotary shaver on the market that you feel that you spent your money wisely on, the Philips Norelco 1280x SensoTouch is the ultimate solution for you.

Braun CoolTech is the best pick for those of you who have sensitive skin, especially for those of you that are looking for low range shaver that is worth your money. Research says that about 40% of men have some kind of sensitivity to their skin. Its advanced cooling system repeatedly cools the skin when you shave.

It also has 3-stage flexible cutting technology that allows shaving to move in parallel directions on all facial curves. Also, its senso-blade system catches growing hairs in various positions for ultimate softness. It’s renewed and clean technology charges lubricates and hygienically cleans the shaver.

You can use both dry and wet shaving and it can be used in the shower. That is why many men prefer Braun CoolTech as their preferred shaver.

Remington XR-1370 is in the number 7 position on my list because its performance is excellent as an entry level shaver. It is most skin friendliest shaver I ever used. The best part of this shaver is it can be used for all types of hair. It’s designed to deal with rough hair by causing less skin irritation.

If you are looking for a low priced rotary shaver with satisfactory results then you should go for Remington XR-1370. Its shape and grip design make it more comfortable in your hand. XR-1370 is the best quality rotary shaver claimed by its manufacture. So, if you are looking for a shaver in a cheap price range with the best performance then this is the best one for you.

Electric shavers and best beard trimmer are a must-have item for most men in today’s life. Everyone wants to buy the best one for them from thousands available in the market, but picking the right one is not so easy because all the sellers tell you that theirs is the best.

To save your time and to make sure you get the most value of out your razor for the money you spend, you can pick your favorite one from the review above depending on your requirements or even based on price. I wrote this top electric razor  list based on research, customers review on Amazon, along with self-trials to help you choose the best one for you.

How to Pick The Best Electric Shaver?

Most of the top electric shavers out there are rechargeable, so these are great if you want to use them while on the move. Many of these could be used from the main or cordlessly, which gives you one other way to use it if you ever run out of charge. When you try to make a choice about purchasing an electric shaver, there happen to be a plethora of different other features to consider.

For example, when you decide whether you want a rotary model or a foil, you would also have to think about if you would want to use the shaver in the shower. Again, you might want a model of pop-up facial hair trimmer, or maybe you would want a shaver which compliments your sensitive skin.

The suggestions we have here are to help you pick which kind of shaver is going to suit your necessities. Once you decide what shaver is the best one for you, you could read our full reviews on top electric shavers in order to see what models have been selected for best performance.

What types of electric shaver are best?

Rotary Shavers

Rotary shaver is a kind of electric razor that generally has 3 circular heads which rotate, catch and shave your stubble. All the Philips models of electric shavers, plus some of the Remington units, have these rotary heads too.

The foil shavers possess straight heads which use swinging blades underneath a fine and perforated foil that cuts facial hair. Brands like Braun and Panasonic shaver models have foil heads as well as some of the Remington models of shavers.

Foil shavers

Opinions are divided about which kind would be the best. Our expert trials have found that both types of models excel at comfort and shaving enough in order to get our “best buy” referral, so we think it is basically a matter of your personal preference.

Cordless shavers

Many other models, including every ‘dry and wet’ model, are rechargeable and can be used cordlessly. That gives you a lot more freedom for moving around when you shave. However, it means that you cannot use it while it charges. Electric shavers which could be used while still wet are cordless, in order to make sure that you cannot plug these in when you use it in the shower.

Mains rechargeable shavers

The mains rechargeable shavers could be used when they are plugged in the mains or cordlessly. The mains alternative is quite useful in case you forget to charge it up before you have to use the shaver.

What Features to Look For?

Some of the best electric razors have a pop-up trimming system, which means you would not have to switch gadgets in order to complete the grooming. You might have to invest a little extra in this, but it will save you time since you wouldn’t have to pause and hunt for another attachment halfway through the morning grooming.


Like using it dry, some of the cordless shavers could be operated with shaving foam and gel. The hypothesis would be that it gives you the best of both worlds – dry and wet shaving. Some of them could even be used in the shower. This way you can accomplish two feats at once. However, always go through the instruction manual before wetting your shaver, because not all can be suitably used this way.

Beard Combs

In case you wish to maintain a mustache or beard style, you should look for something that will include a comb in order to aid keeping your beard at a perfect length.

Quick Charge

A lot of cordless shavers have this quick charging feature, which means you could plug these in just before you get into the shower and it will be ready to get you a nice shave after you finish it.

Charging Display

Some of the top ranged cordless shavers possess a digital countdown screen which shows how much shaving time is left before you run out of charge. Other shaver models have red and green indicator bars or lights to show when the shaver is recharging, completely charged or the amount of charge that’s left and if the battery should be topped up.

How to clean your electric razor?

Most of the top electric shavers must be cleaned to clean out skin particles and cut hair. You can either do it yourself by tapping out the stubble or by brushing, but nowadays, you will find that most shavers can also be cleaned up under your running tap. Always go through the instruction manual before wetting your shaver up, because not every model can be cleaned like this.

Self-Cleaning Systems

A few of the best electric shavers models come with their own cleaning system, so that they could clean themselves up. Just pop the shaver into its base unit and put it away. This is a hassle-free method to keep the shaver fuzz-free and clean - you only need to top up its cleaning fluids or replace cleaning cartridges every now and then.

How to ensure the best shaving performance?

Stretch the top lip over teeth - it gives you a closer shave beneath your nose.

Drag your skin tight - it would allow your shaver to give a close shave.

Replace the razor heads frequently - to keep up a close shave continuously, change heads every eighteen months for the foils and every 2 years for the rotaries.

Moisturize after - use some after-shave with moisturizer in order to keep the facial skin flawless and healthy.

Pros and Cons of using Electric Razor

The Pros

Speed - According to the consumer survey we had, 67% of our users stated that using the best electric shaver in 2019 is faster than traditional razors.

Vacation - You could carry the shaver tucked in the hand luggage you have and some of these would stay charged up for ten to fifteen days. It stays charged long enough if you want a stubble-free business trip.

Handiness - You wouldn’t need gel or water so you would not have to go in the washroom, though many shavers can be used soaked if you want. Electric shaving is definitely less messy than normal.

The Cons

Expensive - Though you could pick low-mid range electric shavers for less than fifty bucks, a top range shaver with additional features could cost more than two hundred bucks. The heads or foils have to be restored every couple years or so.

Not close shave - Users have shown that most of them will still think that razor blades give much closer shaves compared to other electric shavers.

Picking the best one also depends on many factors like - ease of clean, ease of use, performance, durability, customer service, the capability to provide a clean and close shave and lastly, value for money spent.  After analyzing these different key factors I wrote this recommended list of best electric shavers for men to ensure that you will pick the most suitable razor for you.

Alex William

A 34 year old review writer from LA. I write reviews for MyBestShaver to help people to find their best electric shaver ever. I'm contactable on email | More About Me.

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30 Responses

  1. Rafael says:

    Hey Alex, can you suggest me best one above list that will value my money? It’s better to have one to get excellent performance. What do you think, within foil or rotary shaver which one will be best for daily shave?

    Thanks for your top shaver list!

    • Alex says:

      For every day shave you should go for foil one. Here listed all shavers can gives you comfortable shave but if money is not a issue to you then you can go for first 2 model (Panasonic & Braun) for ultimate performance.

  2. Josef says:

    After 20 years of using Braun, I become very disappointed for its series 7 shavers because every 10-12 week I need to change its head to get expected results. I was shut to give up Braun but in Japan I found the new series 9090cc and I’m highly surprised for its quality and performance. This Braun series 9 9090cc shaver change my mind not to replace Braun shaver by others brands.

  3. Leon says:

    Is Braun series 9 9090cc wet/dry shaver?

    • Alex says:

      Braun 9090cc is for dry shaving only with complete cleaning dock. For wet/dry shaving you can pick series 9 9095cc or 9040s model.

  4. John says:

    First I bought 9090cc to give it a chance and to test it performance but I am highly satisfied with the result of Braun 9090cc Shaver. Previously I used razor for my shaving needs but after reading your (Alex) articles I decide to try a top level e shaver instead of my razor. That can gives me clear idea and now I’m happy with it, also recommend it to others. 🙂

    Thanks 2 Alex!

  5. Rogers says:

    Alex, I liked your top shaver list (I think you researched well for this list) coz all high quality shavers I found on your recommended best electric shaver 2015 list. – Thanks

  6. Richard says:

    Nice collection of top electric shaver of 2018, I think I no need to read more reviews to pick my best electric shaver, i can get it from above list. Braun’s latest model shaver 9090cc or 799cc is my choice because i’m a big fan of foil shaver.

    Alex one question to you – why you aren’t add comparison chart? I think it will be best to have a comparison chart to get clear idea within short time.

    • Alex says:

      Thanks Richard, for your kind suggestion through question. I will think about to place a top rated comparison chart on best electric razor 2015 to add value to all user.

  7. Todd says:

    Alex, Your best electric shaver 2015 list is OK with top rated shaver. But I cannot understand why you pick Remington shaver into this list. Is Remington shaver worth to have into this type of best rated shaver list? I think you should clear this to your viewers like me.

    I always prefer Braun shaver for its comfortable shave. Even, this shaver has a lot to offer. It works well and looks great. Also, it comes to the market with a hygienic cleaning station which is very important part and has a good battery life. But its price is in series 9 a bit high. Did you think to buy Braun 9090cc shaver in this price or like to wait to reduce its price?

    Another question – Can I use same size Braun cleaning cartridge of my previous shaver for this series 9 kit? Because, still I have 2 new cleaning cartridge. Also can you clear that – I can use 9090cc shaver dry & wet shave? Because its looks like same features with 9095cc shaving kit.

    • Alex says:

      Hi Todd, First – Thanks for your comments.

      I think your first question on my 7 best electric shaver’s 2015 list on why I pick Remington shaver into this list. We all know that Remington is the best shaving kit within low cost. It will be unwise to pick a kit based on price. We always pick and review a shaver based on its performance, user ratings, customer’s positive reviews and at last doing trails by our experts. And in our entire test Remington shaver pass; so that we pick this shaving kit into our top 7 electric razor list.

      Your second question on Braun series 9 shaver 9090cc model, and you asked me will I buy it’s in this price. Todd, I already buys it before write and publish my reviews here. Note: currently Braun 9 series shaver is sold at Amazon.com by a third party from Japan that’s why its price tag is a bit high. But I think its performance shows that this shaver worth more than this price tag. If money is an issue then you should wait for a while to get more discount price at Amazon.

      Todd, you can use your Braun cleaning cartridge for the series 3,5,7,9 shaver, you should not worry about it. Feel free to use it. Actually 9090cc model is for dry shaving only. For wet & dry shaving you should go for 9095cc or 799cc model shaver. Though you can use this shaver into shower for its waterproof quality but in long run you may face problems specially when you will looking for warranty. And I strongly recommend all of you not use it for wet shaving.

      Hope that you get all your questions answer on my best electric razor 2015 list. If you have more to know feel free to comments, I’ll be happy to answer your question as soon as I can.

  8. Grace says:

    Very good post, i think you can add Braun series 9 shaver 9095cc model into this best electric razor 2015 list. I recently buy this model and I’m very impressed on its performance. (Its my opinion only 🙂 Alex). You should consider it instead of 9090cc model, coz 9095cc is for wet/dry both kind of shaving but 9090cc is only for dry shaving.

  9. Michael says:

    I found my opinion into Rogers comments.

  10. Jonathon Shyne says:

    This best electric shaver 2015 list for men that money can buy for best performance. Is your thick and unruly facial hair presenting a problem for you every morning when you wake up and shave? If that is irritating to you, then Panasonic ES-LV95-S is the right one for you.

    Great list #Alex, Thanks!

  11. Brandon says:

    I recently purchased Panasonic es-lv95-s. It’s very expensive but after reading your reviews, I consider it to use for sure. I had a high end Philips Norelco shaving kit but I couldn’t get head replacement then I determined to try something new.

    Yes, I’m impressed with this best panasonic shaver. Solid construction, excellent performance. 🙂

  12. Sean says:

    Today I received my new Braun 9090cc shaver & couldn’t pass the time to try – so I did. After unpacking & quick review, I started shaving! And my first impression was awesome. Like Alex, I also recommend this kit to them, who are looking for best electric shaver 2015. Though it has few improvements than previous models and I am very happy to use it.

    I have used a number of older models of the Braun series shavers for more than 5 years. But 9090cc shaver does a great job. But cost is bit high compare to other shavers and Braun should reduce its price below $300.

  13. Bob says:

    I always prefer straight razor for my shaving purpose for the reasons of rapid growing beards. In the begging of the year I decide to update myself with electric razor & buy a low priced unbranded shaver from local store. And the result is much better in my first couple of shave. But few shave I got realize that I just waste of my money by not to picking branded shaver that can gives maximum satisfaction having long life.

    Then start searching “best electric razor 2015” at Google & found Alex 7 top pick shaving kit list. After reading everything and reviews I decide to go with famous electronic brands Philips & pick “Norelco S9721/84” – 9700 Shaver. I buy it in mid March; from then till now it’s giving ultimate shaving performance & make me completely satisfied. I’ll request Alex to keep writing on best razor so that people can buy their expected one like me. Ohh, Its time to thanks him for this really helpful post.

  14. Kevin says:

    I was looking for a low-mid cost foil shaver from brand and after reading your best electric shaver for men 2015 recommended list, I am planning to buy CoolTec one from Braun. But before buy I need to clear some of my confusion regarding this shaving kit. Alex, I’ll be pleased if you answer to my question to make me free from confusion.

    Q: Can I use this kit on my whole body?
    Q: Can I use it with foam/Gels?
    Q: How long time it takes to recharge?

    • Alex says:

      First of all; Thanks to Kevin for reading my electric razor reviews of 2018 and making a buying decision. You pick the right one based on your needs, I am happy to tell you that this CoolTec is one of my best kits for its cooling systems. You ask me 3 questions; let’s clear your confusion on this shaver by giving answers.

      A – This kit is best for face & neck grooming (specially designed to shave facial hair). Not for whole body shave. If you are looking for whole body shaver then you should check other products.

      A – Do not use shaving foam or gels if you want to get complete cooling effect from this kit. This sort of gels or foam is not friendly with its alcohol cleaning systems that can be the potential reason to damage this shaving device.

      A – You can fully recharge this kit within an hour and that can gives you 45 min cordless shave. But you will get only 15 min shave with cooling function ON.

      # Hope that you got your questions answer, If you have more to know then don’t hesitate to ask me!

  15. Lonna says:

    Hence, even the hard to shave surfaces are reached seamless and effortless with these types of fascinating features. This electrical shaver ensures you the best shave you’ll actually get and get rid of any hair it makes appropriate connection with. Actually, it is not difficult as long as you have build up a good habit.

  16. G Kush says:

    I agree with Alex; Panasonic gives a great shave. I have found that using it wet with just a dab of shave cream works best. HOWEVER, it is touted a Wet/Dry and isn’t built to last when using it wet. I have now had two that have totally corroded inside do to water getting in. The first I had given to my son and he said that at one time he dropped it in the tub, so I attributed the problem to that. The second, which I only occasionally used in the shower and rinse and dry daily lasted less than two years. After taking it apart, I can’t see how they can rate it to be used in the shower or even rinsed clean as there are practically no seals.

    I switched to the Norleco, using the same shave cream and a few drops of water, I am getting just as good a shave – better around my adams apple and lower front neck and – my wife is happy cause it is a LOT quieter.

  17. Nicholas says:

    To me, Braun 799cc is an excellent electric shaver 2015 for sensitive skin!!! I use it for entire body and with new blades often works very well. Almost seductive shape which fits comfortably in the hand and hints at a pleasant user-experience. This models can fulfill your every need. For this they are always in search of all the latest shaving kits.

  18. Christina says:

    Hi, I am a girl and tried more than 5 women shavers but don’t get close shave. I have an interest on your best electric razor 2015 recommended list but bit confused – Is male shaver efficient for female?

  19. Graham says:

    As I believe that everyone should search for least worst electric shaver instead of best one. From my own experience I never found any best shaver yet that can provide good save as old fashioned razor gives. What you think!!

  20. Francis says:

    At last I find top rated e shaver list – hope this will help others like me to make right choice to pick his/her best electric shaver 2015. But notice one thing that you list Braun series shaver more than other brands, could you tell us the reason behind this selection. And one things to tell you that – I respect your recommendation & it seems to me an excellent collection of top shaver.

  21. Ross says:

    Braun Series 7- 799cc is an excellent shaver, my huby loves it a lot! , He has never been pleased with his previous purchase. But this one makes him satisfied and I’m happy to gift him such a best shaving tools.

  22. Tovar says:

    I have found Panasonic ES-LV95S as the best foil shaving tool from your best electric shaver 2015 recommended list. Also it is very suitable for all men and fit all kinds of skin. I personally suggest this kit to all my friends for its top class performance.

  23. George says:

    Somehow I decided to go best elecatric shaver after 23 years of manual razor, to celebrate my half century on the planet next December and also for resons of speed. I fianlly opted for the Braun 9 series, the runner up being the Panasonic ES. LV 81. Sadly enough both models are not easily found in Greece where I live.

    Just two questions:

    1. 9090 is not wet and dry. Does this mean that you can not have a wet shave or that you can not shave under the shower?!!!
    2. Spare parts I have to get a supply for. I understood I shall need cleaning lotion for the cleaning station and a razon head unit every 18 or so months. Something else I must include in the purchasing list?

    I ll be off to the uk soon so I have to get supplies until my next visit….

    • Alex says:

      As 9090cc series 9 shavers from Braun brand is only for dry shaving as manufacture claims. So it will be wiser not to use in wet shaving because if any unwanted situation occurs then you won’t get any replacement within warranty period. If you need both dry/wet shaving kits then 9095cc is the best electric shaver 2015.

      And get enough clean & renew refill pack and shaver head (need to replace after 18th months) according to your needs (As I don’t know when you will visit next time into UK). Best Christmas wishes for You George. 🙂

      • GEORGE says:

        Thanks for your advise. I opted for the 9095 with enough supplies to carry me through 2016!
        Head to follow in 2019. Merry Xmas to you too and keep up with the good work!