How to Use a Rotary Shaver to Reduce Skin Irritation

Skin Irritation

Skin Irritation

When you need a smooth, easy and quick shave, then the best choice is to use a rotary shaver to complete the shave effectively. This is also a durable tool which will help you save time and money on shavers in the long run. For the first-time, users of rotary shaver say they can cause irritation to the skin and the irritation can be quite harsh and can cause a lot of pain. The first 30 days of use is an adjustment time, when skin can get more irritation. This is a good news that with a few helpful and effective tips, you can reduce your skin irritation which happens by using rotary shavers.

To decrease skin irritation you can try the following tips:

  • Identify sensitive areas:

On your face, there are certain areas that are very prone to irritation, and this is wise to identify these areas quickly. After doing this, you should first shave those areas before the shaver gets as hot as electric shavers do when they heat up while shaving. This will helps you to reduce skin irritation.

  • Avoid dry shaves:

When you’re hurrying or busy, dry shaving can be easy to get ready quickly for the day. This is a big mistake as it is one main cause of skin irritation when you are using a rotary shaver. You should always use wet with water lubricates in your skin which allows your shaver to move easy and smoothly. By using these, hairs will get moisturize to make it easier to shave. Experts advise to wash your hair with light, warm water before shaving.

  • Use shaving gels or creams:
Wet Shaving

Wet Shaving

Using a shaving gel or cream will help you to reduce skin irritation from a rotary shaver. A thick lather that they produce will protect your skin from the moving of the rotary shaver. The lather of these product acts as lubricant when you shave and condition your skin as well. Later in your shave this will help in smoothing your skin to deal with rotary shavers.

  • Rinse blades regularly:

After each shave it is important to make sure that you always rinse your blades. Blades which are dry, dull and clogged are one common cause of skin irritation after shaving. Rinsing the blades after every shave will allow your shaver to move easily and freely on your face. You should carefully read the instructions provided in the manufacturer’s manual for making sure that you are maintaining your shaver and keeping its blades sharp at all times for an effective and irritation-free shave.

  • Clean your shaver regularly:

One common reason for skin irritation could be the use of an unclean shaver. Keeping your rotary shaver clean all the time and this is very helpful. No matter which brand you are using, the manufacturer may have cleaning products which are designed specifically for the shaver you are using so that you can gently clean your kits and make sure that it is always well-maintained. You will also find various products such as lubricants from stores which sell electric shaver for helping you maintain and clean your shaver in an effective way.

  • Shave gently:

It will always be the best to shave with gentle strokes so that your skin will not be irritated. While you hold your rotary shaver in place it will trim your hair gently. Experts forbid pushing the shaver hard on the skin instead of gliding it in a circular motion.

  • Do Some Shaving Experiments:
Wash Your Face

Wash Your Face

After trying rotary shavers and feeling discomfort, you will get disappointed and stop using it. Doing some experiments to get the best shaving experience may change your opinion in the long run. If for some reason you notice that all experiments fail after a month of regular use with your new rotary shaver, you should look for a foil shaver since it is not as aggressive on your skin and you will get fewer reports of skin irritation with them. Here you can finds best beard trimmer 2015 and best electric shaver 2015 updated list of this current year.

After trying the above mentioned tips, if you feel that your skin gets irritated while shaving with a rotary shaver it will better to switch to a foil shaver. To prevent these problems in the future you should replace your shaver with a different type.

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