Top 6 Best Shaving Kits for Men in 2018

If you are looking for the best shaving kits for men on the market, it can be hard to narrow down your search. There are so many great possible choices that it can be hard to limit yourself to just one. That’s why we’ve compiled this useful list of the best shaving kits for men that we could find.

Each comes with a few items that set them apart from others on the list. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better kit than these. Make sure to check out the price and the features before making a purchasing decision.

*The following products are listed by price, from the most expensive to the most affordable one.

1. Ultimate Shaving Kit Set

the Ultimate Shaving Kit Set with Organic Shaving Soap and aftershave balm

The Ultimate Shaving Kit Set is one of the best shaving kits for men because of its many amenities and features. It comes with a broad range of great items that make it an excellent choice for a large variety of people.


Some of the best features of this razor include the double-edged safety razor with 10 Astra blades and the 100 percent pure black badger hair brush. It also comes with a variety of organic items, including aftershave and body soap.


  • It is a handmade product, manufactured using the French method.
  • It contains hypoallergenic ingredients.
  • This kit is made of high-quality materials.
  • Free of animal testing.


  • This kit costs more than other kits on our list.

Price: $110.00.

2. Bevel Shave System Kit

a modern silver Bevel Shave System Kit

Those looking for the best shaving kits for men with a little money should try the Bevel Shave System Kit model. It is designed to be a higher-class kit that provides you with a home-style upgrade along with efficient shaving.


This excellent package aims to create an attractive and handsome look for your bathroom. It also comes with a variety of items, including a razor, blades, brush, priming oil, shaving cream, and a soothing balm for the face.


  • You will receive a wide variety of products included in the kit’s package.
  • Helps provide a smooth and gentle shave.
  • It is easy to turn this kit into a perfect gift.


  • Price may be a bit high for some.
  • May clash with home decoration style.

Price: $89.95.

3. Best Double Edge Safety Razor Wet Shave Kit

a simple yet elegant Best Double Edge Safety Razor Wet Shave Kit - Men's Luxury Chrome Razor with Handsome Black Handle

Among the best shaving kits for men available on the market today, the Best Double Edge Safety Razor Wet Shave Kit holds a unique place. It is one of the most luxurious and high-quality kits available anywhere.


Each razor in this kit has been carefully handcrafted to make it as high-quality as possible. It also comes with a closed comb that is designed to avoid serious ingrown hairs. Each kit comes with five complimentary blades to save you money, as well as a polishing towel and a leather blade guard.


  • It comes with high-quality blades that work very well.
  • The manufacturer’s guarantee protects your investment.
  • This kit is simple to use for most shaving situations.


  • The cost can vary wildly.
  • No carrying case included.

Price: $79.00.

4. Shaving Gift Set with Merkur Safety Razor

a Shaving Gift Set with Merkur Safety Razor, Bowl, Shaving Soap, Badger Brush, Stand and Safety Razor

This elegant and refined choice is one of the best shaving kits for men we could find. The Shaving Gift Set has many features, benefits, and amenities that make it more than worth your money.


Each kit comes with a beautiful shaving bowl, shaving soap, and a Merkur long-handle safety razor. All the items in this kit were built in Germany to ensure a level of quality that is much higher than you’d expect for such an item.


  • It comes with a sharp razor that is safe to use.
  • The shaving bowl looks great in most bathrooms.
  • It is compact enough to fit on the sink.


  • Lacks a few amenity choices, such as a travel bag.

Price: $63.84.

5. Smoothere Double-Edge Safety Razor Kit for Men

a black and silver Smoothere Double Edge Safety Razor Kit for Men + 5 Premium Blades, Travel Case & Mirror

The best shaving kits for men often come in a form you wouldn’t expect. This double-edged safety razor kit is one of the most accessible and useful, in spite of featuring a unique design style.


While this razor may appear bulky or even weird to the average shaver, it is a great choice. It comes with a superior double-edge design that makes it easy to get a close shave quickly and easily. Beyond that, it comes with five extra blades to save you money.


  • This kit’s sharp blades are reliable in most cutting situations.
  • The high-quality chrome finish protects against rusting.
  • Expertly weighted to avoid nicks and cuts.


  • May be a little bulky for some users.

Price: $28.97.

6. 3-Piece Double-Edge Single-Blade Safety Razor Kit for Men

a vintage-looking 3-Piece Double Edge Single Blade Safety Razor Kit for Men by Bigfoot Shaves

Anyone looking for the best shaving kits for men has a great choice with this grooming kit for men. The 3-Piece Double Edge Single Blade Safety Razor Kit provides you with many different features and amenities that make it a favorite of the shaving kit enthusiast.


The double-edge blade of this safety razor has been carefully sharpened to make it safe to use and effective. It comes with a bonus travel kit that includes a variety of items, such as blade cleaners and a storage area for shaving cream.


  • You receive a lifetime warranty when you purchase this kit directly from the manufacturer.
  • It comes with a classic design that is easy to use.
  • It has a fair price that most people can afford.


  • Very few items included with the kit.
  • It is somewhat flimsy.

Price: $13.29.

Putting It All Together

Choosing the best shaving kits for men all depends on your tastes. Some are going to want a more refined package while others will prefer one that is simpler. Whatever choice you make from this list, you should be able to find a kit that meets your needs or those of the lucky person for whom you are buying it.

Image sources: Featured, Amazon

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