Top 5 Best Alcohol Free Aftershaves To Try

Scientific research now suggests that alcohol-based aftershaves cause increased skin irritation and dryness. Most dermatologists believe using alcohol-based aftershaves can actually increase the risk of developing wrinkles. In light of this research, tons of men are making the switch from alcohol-based aftershaves to alcohol free aftershave balms.

Alcohol free aftershaves tend to use herbs, natural oils, and plants in their formulas that act as astringents and soothe the skin without any harshness. In this article, we’ll take a look at five of the best alcohol free aftershaves now on the market. The balms listed below are organized from the most affordable to the most expensive one.

1. Nivea for Men Sensitive Skin Post Shave Balm


a bottle and packaging of NIVEA FOR MEN Sensitive Post Shave Balm



Nivea is a German company that produces a myriad of skincare products. The Nivea For Men Sensitive Skin Post Shave Balm is one of the company’s top products due to its high quality and low price. The balm is a white color and a slightly thick consistency.

As for the scent, most people using this product pick up hints of chamomile and witch hazel. A few of the ingredients in this balm include glycerin, dicaprylyl carbonate, Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) flower extract, glycine soja (soybean) oil, sodium hydroxide, citric acid, and methylparaben. 


1: Very Affordable

The main reason people love this alcohol free aftershave is the price. Since you only need a dime shaped amount of balm to cover your face, you could easily get months of usage out of this product. Also, this product doesn’t have an expiration date, so even if you use the balm extremely sparingly, it won’t go bad on you.

2: High Quality

Another pro for the Nivea balm is that the quality is quite high for a mass-produced product. Many people who take the time to review this product say they love the texture and the scent this balm gives off.


1: Possible Redness and Pimples Risk

A few men have said this product increases skin redness and pimple breakouts. Although the majority of reviewers say they’ve seen a reduction in nicks and redness using this balm, you could have an allergic reaction to the ingredients in Nivea’s formula. Just be aware that many of the ingredients in this product are not certified organic.

2: Contains Parabens

Since this product is so widely sold around the world, you should expect that it to have a ton of preservatives in the ingredients list. The one ingredient most people are concerned about is methylparaben. As you might have heard, parabens are chemicals that possibly have a link to cancer. If you’re at all concerned about exposing yourself to parabens, you might want to look for another aftershave.

2. Proraso Aftershave Balm, Sensitive Skin

a transparent bottle of Proraso After Shave Balm, Sensitive Skin



The Florence-based company Proraso has been producing high-quality shaving products since 1908. The company’s alcohol free aftershave balm for sensitive skin has absolutely no parabens, no mineral oils, and no silicones.

A few key ingredients in this product include oatmeal and green tea extract to help reduce skin redness. For fragrance, Proraso decided to use the fruity scents of apple and lime


1: Natural Flavors

Men who don’t like a lingering aftershave scent will enjoy the Proraso Aftershave Balm. The natural flavors of apple and lime aren’t at all overpowering, and they go away rather quickly. Also, since both of these flavors are all natural, you shouldn’t have any problems if you have to work with people who have allergy sensitivities.

2: Doesn’t Clog Up Your Pores

Many people prone to acne breakouts say the Proraso formula doesn’t clog up their pores. Probably the main reason for this is the use of green tea in Proraso’s mixture.


1: A Slightly Oily Sensation

A few reviewers say this aftershave balm leaves a thin oily layer over their face that’s hard to get off. Even after these men wash their faces with water, they notice beads of liquid around where they applied the balm.

2: Possible Quality Control Issue

Some men say that Proraso might have a quality control issue. Dozens of return customers claim the second batch of Proraso Aftershave Balm they got in the mail was noticeably different from the first (either better or worse).

Some say the company adds menthol to a few of their aftershaves and leaves it out of others. Although this isn’t an issue for the majority of customers, it’s good to be aware of when purchasing Proraso Aftershave Balm online.

3. Lather & Wood Aftershave Balm Sandalwood Scent

a bottle of Leather & Wood classic alcohol free after shave



Lather & Wood’s Alcohol Free Aftershave Balm comes in a tiny sealed spray bottle. You can order this product either with or without the sandalwood scent, but the sandalwood product is far more popular.

Some ingredients in this product include organic aloe leaf juice, organic coconut oil, witch hazel, sandalwood oil, and organic jojoba seed oil. Only one or two sprays from this bottle are needed to get it all around your face. 


1: Pleasant Sandalwood Scent

Men who enjoy the strong scent of sandalwood will definitely enjoy this product. Believe it or not, there are online reviews from men who’ve lived near real sandalwood in countries like Pakistan who agree that Lather & Wood’s sandalwood is the “real deal.” Besides its wonderful scent, sandalwood is a natural disinfectant and diuretic.

2: Mostly Organic Ingredients

Many of the ingredients used in this product are 100 percent organic. Customers who use this spray don’t really have any problems with skin irritations, allergic reactions, or breakouts. Also, since this product is in a spray form rather than a cream, there’s less of an oily feel as you rub it into your skin.


1: Steep Price

The main con for the Lather & Wood Aftershave Balm is the price. This product is extremely small for over $16. While the manufacturers say you only need two sprays for a full coating, some men still think this product is way overpriced in comparison to other alcohol free aftershave balms.

2: Sold Only in the United States

Unfortunately, European readers cannot purchase this Lather & Wood product as of today. While the company says they will be releasing the balm in European nations, they haven’t set a specific time frame yet.

4. Baxter of California Aftershave Balm

the tub and packaging of Baxter of California After Shave Balm



Baxter of California’s Aftershave Balm uses all the traditional oils you’d expect in an alcohol free aftershave: Aloe Vera, glycerin, and tea tree oil. There’s also a high amount of allantoin as well as silicones in this product to help heal your skin after a shave.

For scent, you have two options: menthol or lemon. Baxter of California bottles are squirtable and are professionally packaged in a white box. 


1: Pleasant Lemony Scent

The lemony scent in this product gets high marks from most reviewers. Most of the ingredients are natural in this product and absorb quickly into the skin. Few men notice an oily film on their face after application. Also, most men notice the lemony scent disappears within only ten to 15 minutes after they put it on their face and neck.

2: High Value for Its Price Tag

The amount of product you get for your money here is actually quite impressive. Four fluid ounces is the largest amount on this list, and it will easily last you several months. People who use this product say you only need a tiny dab to totally cover your face.


1: Challenging Bottle Design – Not Very Easy to Use

The design of this bottle makes it challenging for men to squeeze out just a tiny bit of balm. Men say the metallic-like coating of this bottle easily causes indentations every time you squeeze. When you’re starting to use this product, you can easily overshoot the amount of balm you actually need and waste a good deal of the product.

2: Hard-to-Take-Off Cap

Another problem with this product’s design is the cap. Some people have a difficult time both taking off and putting on the black twist top.

5. The Art of Shaving Lemon Aftershave Balm

a small bottle of The Art of Shaving After-Shave Balm, Lemon



For men who want superior quality, look no further than The Art of Shaving’s Lemon Aftershave Balm. The key components of this alcohol free aftershave include shea butter, glycerin, orange fruit extract, ginkgo biloba leaf, and grape seed extract. As you could’ve already guessed, this balm has a strong lemony scent.

All of the ingredients here are of the highest quality, and the glass bottle packaging is superb. Of course, this high quality translates to a much higher price than average aftershave balms. 


1: High-Quality Product

Basically, you get what you paid for with this product. The glass packaging, strong aroma, and all-natural ingredients are what you’d expect from a big-name label like The Art of Shaving. People who do order this product love the moisturizing effect of the shea butter, and they like the fact that the citrus flavor lasts a long time. If you don’t like lemon, you can find a few other flavors of this product like ocean kelp and sandalwood.

2: Quickly Absorbed by the Skin

This shaving cream is extremely light and goes right into the skin straight away. You won’t feel a sticky mask on your skin after using it. Plus, although the scent tends to linger, it’s not an overbearing fragrance. People who use this product tend to feel more relaxed throughout the day because the antioxidants from the grape seed oil penetrate deep into the skin.


1: Expensive Product

Of course, the main con is the price. This product is a luxury item, but $40 per bottle is way above the average cost of aftershave balms. Honestly, the only way to determine whether or not this aftershave merits a higher price tag is to try it out for yourself.

2: Quality Differences and Issues

Some people claim The Art of Shaving balms sold online aren’t as high quality as those sold in physical stores. If you have any doubts about the formula in the balm you’re using, be sure to contact The Art of Shaving employees and bring it to their attention.

Let’s Recap

Any of the balms on this list will soothe your skin without the stinging sensation from alcohol aftershaves. Balms are always a better option for people who suffer from dry or sensitive skin. So, if you’re worried about the harmful effects of alcohol aftershaves, please check one of these products. There should be at least one alcohol free aftershave on this list that works for your lifestyle and budget.

Images source: FeaturedAmazon

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