Feather Razor Blades Review – Are These the Best Blades on the Market?

The Feather Safety Razor Company has been producing the sharpest double edge blades for almost a century. First called the Seki Safety Razor in 1932, this legendary company was founded in Osaka, Japan. It wasn’t until 1953 that the company changed its name to Feather Safety Razor Co., Limited. Soon afterward, the brand became extremely famous both in male grooming circles and the medical field. This and more is what you’re about to find in our Feather razor blades review.

That’s right; Feather razor blades are so sharp that they’re actually used in professional operating theaters! Feather safety razors are touted as some of the finest in the industry, but are they a good investment for your lifestyle? That’s the main question we hope to address in this brief piece. The following article is an honest and thorough Feather razor blades review.

a yellow packaging of Feather razor blades

Features and Functions of Feather Razor Blades

Feather razor blades are made of stainless steel and have a thin coat of platinum on the top for safety. You can use Feather razor blades with any double edge razor you feel comfortable with. Just remember that you need to apply very little pressure to get a ton of power out of these Feather blades. Every plastic Feather packet contains ten blades, and all are well sealed.

You can buy Feather razor blades in many different quantities. If you just want to get a ten pack to try out, it’ll cost you around $5. A 50 blade pack currently sells for around $16 and a 100 pack goes for almost $25.

Pros of Feather Razor Blades Review

1: Very Sharp

The first positive everyone mentions in a Feather razor blades review is how incredibly sharp these blades are. It’s impossible to find razor blades that are as sharp as these on the market nowadays. You can tell that the Feather Company takes great pride in making a blade that works well even on the coarsest beards.

Most men will only need two passes with these blades to get a nice close shave. People who have rough facial hair will really benefit from switching over to these razor blades.

2: Durable

On average, you can expect to get around ten or even eighteen shaves out of these razor blades. Of course, the roughness of your facial hair will determine how many uses you get with these blades.

3: Professional and Convenient Packaging

All Feather razor blades are professionally packaged and convenient to use. No matter what double edge razor you have, this blade will work just fine. Although it’s not a requirement, most people who actually sit down to write a Feather razor blades review say Merkur razors work best with Feather blades.

4: Smooth Shave & Popular Among Members of the Shaving Community

The shaving community absolutely adores Feather razor blades. While this doesn’t mean you’ll like them, it’s nice to know that these blades have a lot of positive hype behind them. Thousands of men claim the Feather razor blades give them the smoothest shave they’ve ever had. Also, many people who review these blades on Amazon are repeat buyers, so you know that there’s merit to these shavers’ reviews.

one single stainless steel Feather razor blade

Cons of Feather Razor Blades Review

1: Cause Nicks and Bleeding – They Don’t Require a Lot of Pressure

As you probably could’ve already guessed, the main issue with these razor blades is that they easily cause nicks and bleeding. If you’re used to shaving with a ton of pressure, you should definitely start with a different double edge blade. The Feather razor blades require only a tiny bit of pressure to give you an extremely close shave.

You might want to invest in some high-quality lather and take extra time to work it into your face before shaving. A thick coat of lather will help you avoid nicks and cuts that are so common with using the Feather blades. So, for all those shaving newbies out there, it’s best to start off with a double edge blade like Derby and work your way up to a Feather blade.

2: Not Quite Suited for Men with Sensitive Skin

Men who have sensitive skin or who easily get irritated after a shave may want to stay away from Feather blades. There are still a ton of guys out there who say men with sensitive skin can use Feather razor blades, but you have to be extra cautious. If you think you’re going to have issues with these extremely sharp blades, you might need to up your pre-shave routine and purchase a soothing non-alcoholic aftershave balm.

3: It Is a Bit on the Expensive Side

Although the price on the Feather razor blades isn’t “bad,” it’s also not great. For example, a 100 pack of Derby razor blades sell for only $9. Granted, the Derby razors aren’t as sharp as the Feather blades, but that’s still a huge difference in price. Men who are on a tight budget and aren’t all that into high-quality razors should look for less expensive options.

4: Some Misleading Distributors Sell Fake Feather Razor Blades

This last con isn’t so much against the blades as it is about certain distributors. A few men have complained that certain websites advertising Feather blades are actually selling knock-offs made in Thailand or China. Always use a reputable website when buying these blades.

If you have any doubts about the product, directly ask the distributors whether or not the Feather blades they’re selling come from Japan. All Feather razor blades should say “Made in Japan” and be in the distinctive yellow-marked plastic packages.

The Bottom Line on This Feather Razor Blades Review

While there are cheaper options on the double edge blade market, no one comes close to Feather in terms of quality. Anyone who writes a Feather razor blades review says they’re shocked at how little pressure they need to apply to get the closest shave of their lives. The only major con with this product is the price. People looking for a bargain won’t find it with the Feather blades.

Also, you have to be sure you have decent technique and/or a razor that won’t apply too much pressure to your face. If you want to try the sharpest razor blade on the market, now you know where to look. Hopefully, this Feather razor blades review has helped you decide whether or not these blades will be a good option for your shaving needs.

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