Top 6 Best Electric Trimmers for Women’s Bikini Area

best trimmer for bikini area

If you’ve let your “hair down there” grow rampant like an overgrown garden and now feel it's time to tame that wild bush, an electric trimmer might be the answer you're looking for. A little trim can go a long way in neating the appearance of your pubic hair and may be a better option than a full shave, which could lead to problems such as ingrown hair and itching when hairs regrow.

There are many reasons why you might want to trim your bikini area. For starters, trimming your bikini area can help you feel more comfortable during physical activities like swimming, running, or cycling, especially if you wear tight clothing or a swimsuit. Trimming can also help reduce sweat and odor in the area, which can be an embarrassing concern. Additionally, trimming can be a great compromise if you don't want to completely remove your pubic hair but still want a neater, more groomed look. Whatever your reasons for trimming, using an electric trimmer for your bikini area can make the process quick and easy.

For the trim but not bald look, here are some of the best electric trimmers for your bikini area.

Our Top Picks



Schick Hydro Silk Trimstyle

  • Combined bikini trimmer and razor
  • Adjustable comb with four settings
  • Waterproof
  • Cordless (one AAA battery) 



OLOV Bikini Trimmer

  • Ceramic blade
  • Powerful and rechargeable
  • Multiple trim options
  • Waterproof
  • Cordless (USB charging & dock) 



Philips Bikini Genie Cordless Trimmer for Bikini Line

  • Designed to safely trim and shape with few nicks and cuts
  • Two trimming combs: 3mm and 5mm
  • Mini shave head
  • Cordless (two AA battery)



Panasonic ES-WV60 Bikini Trimmer and Shaver

  • Combined bikini trimmer and shaver
  • Dedicated trimmer and shaver heads
  • Bikini comb and skin guard attachments
  • Waterproof
  • Cordless (one AA battery)



Remington Smooth & Silky Body & Bikini Kit

  • Fast comfortable touch ups
  • Mini angled foil shaver head
  • Rotating exfoliator
  • Waterproof
  • Cordless (one AA battery)



Gillette Venus Intimate Grooming

  • Specifically designed to work with thick hair
  • Head opens for an easy clean
  • Waterproof
  • Cordless (one AA battery)

OLOV Bikini Trimmer

OLOV Bikini Trimmer Women - Wet/Dry Body Shaver Groomer, Replaceable...

OLOV Bikini Trimmer is a body hair trimmer kit. It comes with a detailed trimmer head for quick and precise bikini line shaping and touch-ups as well two adjustable guide combs for different trim lengths. The OLOV Bikini trimmer also comes with a nose trimmer head. This trimmer is waterproof and can be used wet or dry. It’s powerful and rechargeable - it can run 90mins on a full charge, yet surprisingly is very quiet for its power. It conveniently comes with a charging dock or you can simply connect it directly to a USB charger. A couple of drawbacks of the OLOV is the head is a little wider than some others which can make trimming tight spots difficult, and there is no battery charge indicator.

Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle

Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle Moisturizing Razor for Women with Bikini...

Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle has a unique design that combines a waterproof bikini trimmer with a razor, so you can easily switch between trimming and shaving. The trimmer operates on one AAA battery and has an adjustable comb with four different length settings for a customized trim length. There is a moisturizing “Hydra-Boost” serum strip on the razor to help hydrate your skin and protect against irritation. One of the disadvantages of this trimmer is that you need to hold the button for it to stay on which might make trimming those hard to reach areas a bit awkward.

Philips Bikini Genie Cordless Trimmer

Philips Beauty Bikini Genie Cordless Trimmer for Bikini Line Hair...

The Philips Bikini Genie Cordless Trimmer is designed to be gentle and easy to use in the sensitive bikini area. The trimmer comes with two click-on combs that allow for trimming to different lengths: 3mm and 5mm. The combs help to guide the trimmer and ensure that the hair is trimmed evenly, without pulling or tugging on the skin. The Bikini Genie is also designed to be used wet or dry, so you can use it in the shower or bath for added convenience. It is easy to clean, comes with a cleaning brush and has a detachable head that can be rinsed under running water. Although Philips has stated it can be used wet and dry, the instruction manual is contradictory with a warning not to use the Bikini Genie in the shower or bath.

Panasonic Bikini Trimmer and Shaver (ES-WV60)

Panasonic Bikini Trimmer and Shaver for Women with 4 Attachments for...

The Panasonic ES-WV60 Bikini Trimmer and Shaver is designed specifically for use on the bikini area, with its small, compact size made for portability. It operates on one AA battery, so there is no need to pack bulky chargers and cords. This electric trimmer for your bikini area is also waterproof, so you can shave in the shower or bath. It comes with two dedicated trimmer heads: the bikini comb trims thicker, longer hair down to about half an inch, and the skin guard attachment keeps the trimmer blade 1mm from the skin. The Panasonic ES-WV60 also offers the added advantage of being a shaver, giving you the extra option to shave those stray hairs. One of the disadvantages of this trimmer is that it is battery-operated and not as powerful as some other trimmers, and you may need a few passes to fully trim coarser hair.

Remington Smooth & Silky Ultimate Body and Bikini Grooming Kit

Remington Smooth & Silky Body & Bikini Kit, Cordless bikini trimmer...

Remington Smooth & Silky Ultimate Body and Bikini Grooming Kit comes with a variety of attachments for different areas of the body, including a precision trimmer for the bikini area. It comes with a three length setting guard (2mm, 4mm, 6mm)  for a custom bikini trim length. Other attachments include a shaver head as well as a rotating exfoliator brush. This trimmer for the bikini area is a good multi purpose product however the build quality may not be the best. 

Gillette Venus Intimate Grooming Gentle Trimmer

Gillette Venus Intimate Grooming Womens Electric Razor, Bikini Trimmer...

Gillette Venus Intimate Grooming Gentle Trimmer for Pubic Hair is designed specifically for the female intimate area. If you’re looking to only trim your bikini area use the comb attachment that comes with the device. As with the other products mentioned, it comes in a small compact design, is waterproof and can be used in the shower, and is battery powered. The Gillette Venus Intimate Grooming Gentle Trimmer for Pubic Hair might not be the best choice if you’re after a reliable product as many users have reported the trimmer stopped working within a few months.

Best Electric Trimmer for your Bikini Area

Hopefully this list has helped you select the best electric trimmer for your bikini area. No matter which trimmer you choose, it's important to follow some basic grooming tips to keep your bikini area healthy and comfortable. Make sure to clean your trimmer regularly and replace the blades when they start to dull. Use a gentle soap or shaving cream to help lubricate your skin and avoid irritation. And, as always, listen to your body and stop if you experience any discomfort or pain.

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