7 Best Women’s Razor Subscription for 2024

best women's razor subscription

Our guide to the best women’s razor subscription out there. We’ll review women’s razor subscription options from All Girls Shave Club, Athena Club, Billie, Flamingo, Happy Leg Club, Pure Silk and Dollar Shave Club.

While razors are a quick and easy way to remove that unwanted hair, they do have some drawbacks. With use and over time, razor blades will become blunt and inefficient and buying new ones is often an easy to forget task. This is where a men’s or women’s razor subscription service comes in handy.

The Origins of Women’s Razor Subscription

The concept of razor subscription services gained significant popularity with the launch of Dollar Shave Club. Dollar Shave Club was initially designed for and targeted at men, although the company does say their products are gender neutral.

After the initial success of men’s subscriptions several companies such as Billie began offering women’s razor subscription services and the subscription model for razors and grooming products became a popular trend.

Why choose a women’s razor subscription?

Choosing a women’s razor subscription offers a range of benefits especially around time-saving convenience and cost-effectiveness. 

Say goodbye to last-minute runs to the store when you realize you’re out of razors and save yourself the time and effort spent searching for razors in store and standing in checkout lines. A subscription ensures that fresh razors are delivered right to your door at a regular frequency that suits you.

Most subscription services also allow you to personalize your plan. You can choose the type of razor, the frequency of delivery, and even add extras like shaving cream or post-shave moisturizers.

Opting for a women’s razor subscription can also be very cost effective. While the initial cost of a razor subscription might seem higher, the discounts offered with subscriptions often works out to be more cost-effective in the long run compared to buying disposable razors or cartridges from the shops.

What Women’s Razor Subscriptions are Available?

Below are the 7 best women’s razor subscription services that we have found.

  1. All Girl Shave Club – best for Girls/Young Women
  2. Athena Club – best science based products
  3. Billie – best for affordability
  4. Flamingo – best for supporting social justice for women and girls
  5. Happy Legs Club – best healthy organic product ingredients
  6. Pure Silk – best for simplicity
  7. Dollar Shave Club – best for his and her convenience

1. All Girl Shave Club – Best Women’s Razor Subscription for Girls and Young Women

best women's razor subscription - all girl shave club

All Girl Shave Club is all about adding a little luxury and a lot of fun to your grooming routine. This women’s razor subscription service provides high-quality, female-focused, unique shaving and body products that are free from harmful chemicals and cruelty-free. 

All Girl Shave Club starter kit contains a luxurious rose gold weighted metal razor handle and a 4-pack of premium, diamond coated, 6-blade razor cartridges. You can select your subscription frequency (2,3 or 4 months, and you’ll receive 8 razor refills with each renewal shipment.


All Girl Shave Club Razor Starter Kit – $20

2. Athena Club – Best Women’s Razor Subscription for Science Based Health and Body Care Products

Athena Club is more than just a women’s razor subscription service. Here you will find a whole range of body care, skin care, period care, wellness and lifestyle products. Athena’s mission is to bring quality body care to all.

The Athena Club razor kit comes with 1 anodized aluminum razor handle that’s available in 10 different colors, 2 Five-Blade Cartridges and 1 Magnetic Hook for easy storage. 

Athena Club asks you to select your shaving frequency – every day, a few times a week or once a week. Based on this choice, they will present you with further options on how many blades and how frequently you want your blades shipped. If you opt for a 12 month subscription, you will save the most on your blades.

How Often Do You Shave?

Shaving FrequencyEvery DayA Few Times a WeekOnce a WeekCost Per Blade
Subscription Frequency:Every 12 months
48 blades
Every 12 months
24 blades
Every 12 months
16 blades
Subscription Frequency:Every 3 months
12 blades
Every 6 months
12 blades
Every 9 months
12 blades
Subscription Frequency:Every 2 months
8 blades
Every 4 months
8 blades
Every 6 months
8 blades
Total Blades48 per year24 per year16 per year

One of the drawbacks of this subscription service is the complexity of the replacement blade subscription. As you can see from the table above, there are 9 different subscription options with variations around price, number of blades and shipping frequencies. 


Athena Club razor starter kit –  $10

3. Billie – Best Women’s Razor Subscription for Affordable Quality

best women's razor subscription - billie

Billie Shave Club is a company that offers a razor subscription service for women who want to have a great, smooth shaving experience without paying the pink tax. Complimenting their award winning razor, Billie also offers whipped shaving cream, pre-shave exfoliating body buffer, skin solution to prevent bumps and ingrown hair, and some waxing kits.

The Billie Razor Starter Kit comes with a razor handle, two 5-blades cartridges and a magnetic holder for your razor. You have a choice of 9 color options for the razor handle including a lovely lavender glitter. With the subscription service you can choose to receive your 4 refill blades once a month, every 2 months or every 3 months. Each pack of 4 refill blades costs $10.


Billie Razor Starter Kit – $10

Billie Razors for Women Shave Kit – Women’s Razor + 4 x 5-Blade...
  • WOMEN’S RAZOR KIT: A non-slip ergonomic handle, four 5-blade razor refills, and signature magnetic holder.
  • 5 NICKEL-FREE BLADES: Super sharp and surrounded by aloe shave soap
  • EASY & COMFORTABLE: Non-slip ergonomic handle with a pivoting head

4. Flamingo – Best Women’s Razor Subscription for Supporting Social Justice for Women and Girls

Flamingo started in 2018 and sets aside 1% of sales for social missions, so if you are looking to do good with your shave, this women’s razor subscription is the one for you.

The Flamingo Razor Starter Set comes with a razor handle, two 5-blades cartridges, a foaming shaving gel and a suction holder for your razor. You have a choice of 4 colors options for the razor handle, and for an extra $2 can upgrade to the Chrome color handle. With the subscription service you can choose to receive your 8 refill blades every 2 months, 4 months or 6 months. Each pack of 8 refill blades costs $16. 


Flamingo Razor Starter Set – $14

FLAMINGO 5-Blade Razors for Women - 1 Razor Handle + 4 5-Blade Refills...
  • RAZORS FOR WOMEN : Includes our Flamingo women’s razor handle, 4 5-razor blade refills for women, and a coordinating...
  • 5 RAZOR BLADES: 5 sharp, ultra-thin razor blades made from high-quality stainless steel for a really close, comfortable...
  • COMFORTABLE & SMOOTH SHAVE : Our razor blades are surrounded by a water-activated 360° comfort system with aloe and...

5. Happy Legs Club – Best Women’s Razor Subscription for Healthy Organic Shaving Product Ingredients

Happy Legs Club offers a full shave solution that is healthy, affordable, and extremely convenient. To enhance their women’s razor subscription service, they offer organic shave soaps and organic lip balms. 

With Happy Legs Club, you don’t buy a starter kit. Instead, you choose your subscription frequency – either every 2 or every 3 months. In the first subscription box, you’ll receive a weighted metal and rubber handle with 4 razors. After that, you will then recieve 6 razors with each renewal. Each renewal cycle costs $18 which works out to be $3 per replacement blade. 


Happy Legs Club Renewal – $18 per cycle

6. Pure Silk – Best Women’s Razor Subscription for Simplicity

Pure Silk is a women’s razor subscription service that likes to keep things simple – they only offer razors and shave cream. 

The Pure Silk Shave Club Subscription starter kit come with a handle, a razor cartridge refill and a razor tray with suction cup. With the subscription service you can choose to receive your 8 refill blades every 2 months, 4 months or 6 months. Each pack of 8 refill blades costs $15.99. 


Pure Silk Shave Club Subscription Starter Kit – $6.99

Pure Silk Contour 6 Women's Razor & 10 Ct. Refill Set
  • Double-Flex Head flexes and pivots to adjust to every contour of your body
  • 6 ultra-thin blades ensure a close and comfortable shave
  • Open flow blades allow for easy cleaning and long blade life

7. Dollar Shave Club – Best Women’s Razor Subscription for convenience for both Him and Her

The Dollar Shave Club was one of the earliest razor subscription services. Since its launch in 2011, Dollar Shave Club has expanded its range into shower and body products as well as electric shavers and trimmers.

With the Dollar Shave Club, you select a razor handle to purchase and then add on your subscription for the compatible blade. You can choose to receive your blades every 1, 2, 3 or 4 months. The basic “Humble” twin blade model starts at $4 for the handle, and $4 for a pack of 5 cartridges. The most expensive handle is $7, and the most expensive blade refill is the 4 pack of 6-blade refills for $10.


Dollar Shave Club handle from $4

Dollar Shave Club - Shaving Kit with Diamond Grip Razor Handle,...
  • WHAT'S INCLUDED: Diamond grip Club Series Handle, Four 4 Blade Club Series Razor cartridges, Razor cover.
  • FOR LONGER HAIR: Great for longer hair and hard-to-shave spots.
  • THE RAZOR: 4 precision cut, stainless-steel razor blades in a compact razor head help you achieve an effortless shave....

Comparison table of the 7 Best Women’s Razor Subscription

Starter Kit PriceInclusionsFrequencyCostShipping
All Girl Shave Club$201 x rose gold metal razor handle, with choice of rubber grip color
4 x diamond coated, 6-blade cartridges with built in bikini trimmer
1 x Safety cover for travel protection
2, 3 or 4 monthly8 refills for $20Free US shipping on orders over $49 & free on subscriptions over $18
Athena Club$101 x aluminum razor handle coated with non-slip silicone
2 x five-blade Cartridges
1 x magnetic hook
various (refer to Athena review above)various (refer to Athena review above)Free shipping over $12 & free on razor subscriptions
 (US & CAN)
Billie$101 x razor handle with a matte rubber back
2 x nickel-free, five-blade cartridges
1 x magnetic razor holder
1, 2, or 3 monthly4 refills for $10Free US shipping on orders over $15 & free on razor & wipe subscriptions
Flamingo$141 x razor handle
2 x 5-blades  cartridges
1 x foaming shaving gel
1 x suction holder
2, 4, or 6 monthly8 refills for $16Free US shipping on orders over $15
Happy Legs Clubn/an/a2 or 3 monthly6 refills $18
Free US shipping
Pure Silk$6.99
1 x weighted metal and rubber handle
1 x 4 cartridges 
2, 4, or 6 monthly6 refills for $15.99

Free US shipping
Dollar Shave Club$4-$71 x razor handle1, 2, 3 or 4 monthlyTwin blade – 5 refills for $4 
4 Blade – 4 refills for $8.50
6 Blade – 4 refills for $10.00
Free US shipping for orders $18+ and $2 shipping on blades.

Are Women’s Razor Subscriptions Worth it?

As with most good questions, the answer is ‘it depends’. To determining if a razor subscription is worth it for you, we need to understand what is important to you. Is it cost savings, value for money, quality, convenience,  the added extras or a combination of some or all of these factors? 

If we look at it from a cost perspective, the unit price of the replacement blades range from $1.25 to $3.  The Dollar Shave Club 2-blade refill is the most budget friendly, while Flamingo is the most expensive per refill blade.

However, if you take into consideration shipping costs and minimum purchase amounts, it changes the equation, with some of the other women’s razor subscription services offer better value for money.

Conclusion: Finding the perfect women’s razor subscription 

The Dollar Shave Club is arguably the most cost effective razor subscription with each razor refill costing a little over $1 each. However, there are many companies now offering razor subscription services tailored specifically for the needs of girls and women. Hopefully our list above will help you decide which women’s razor subscription is perfect for you.

Also check out our post on best electric shaver for women’s legs if you’re looking for an alternative to women’s razor subscription.

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