Remington Hyperflex Rotary Shaver Review – Is the New XR1470 Model Worth the Money?

Anyone interested in electric shaving will have probably heard the name Remington before. Remington is a well-known manufacturer of electric razors for both men and women. One Remington product that’s getting a good deal of buzz in the shaving industry is the Remington XR1470 Hyperflex Rotary Shaver. In this article, we’ll go over the advantages and disadvantages of the Remington XR1470. By the time you finish this article, you should know whether this product is worth your hard-earned money.

Remington Hyperflex Rotary Shaver

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Features & Functions of Remington Hyperflex Rotary Shaver

Let’s start this review listing some of the specifications of the Remington Hyperflex Rotary Shaver. First off, this razor measures 3.6 x 7 x 9.6 inches. The design colors are blue and black and the blades are stainless steel. As the “hyperflex” name suggests, this razor is designed to easily adjust to your face and neck. The company says that it takes about 90 minutes to fully charge this product. Once the lithium battery inside is fully charged, you can use the electric shaver for about 60 minutes. The device does have a digital display so you can track the battery life while shaving. Remington designed with what it calls WETech, which is just a fancy way of saying it’s waterproof.

In addition to the actual Remington Hyperflex Rotary Shaver, you should find a charger, a stand, and a protective cover in the box. Remington offers a 60-day money back guarantee and a two-year warranty.

Pros of Remington Hyperflex Rotary Shaver

Good for Touch-up

Most people who have positive things to say about the Remington Hyperflex Rotary Shaver use this product for touch-ups or prep work. Anyone struggling with difficulties related to whiskers or ingrown hairs will really enjoy this product. It doesn’t take a great deal of pressure to get rid of one or even two-day old facial hair.

Waterproof and Easy to Grip

Another great feature of the Remington Hyperflex Rotary Shaver is that is can be used for either a wet or dry shave. The manufacturers even say you can use this shaver in the shower if you wish. The WETech on this razor makes it incredibly easy to grip even if you’ve got a ton of water on your face.

Mid-range Remington

While you could find electric razors cheaper than this product, the Remington Hyperflex Rotary Shaver is a mid-range electric shaver. Considering you are getting a Remington brand product with a charger and stand, the product is a reasonable priced.

Easy to Use

You’ll find it very easy to open the packaging and use your Remington shaver right out of the professionally designed box. There is an instruction manual inside, but it’s pretty self-explanatory how to use everything here.

Digital Display

The digital display on the Remington Hyperflex Rotary Shaver tells you exactly how long your shaver will last. This will really help you save time and energy in your home. Also, this razor has a handy “Lock” feature you can set at any time. This “Lock” function makes it impossible for the razor to turn on accidentally. It’s a great idea to set your Remington on “Lock” mode when you put it in luggage while traveling.

Eliminates Bacteria

There is a special additive on the Remington Hyperflex Rotary Shaver that eliminates bacterial growth. You can also reduce the amount of dust particles that land on this product by using the convenient protective shave cover. This will help your Remington product last a long time.

Cons of Remington Hyperflex Rotary Shaver

Not Good for Sensitive Skin

People who have extremely sensitive skin will probably experience some razor burn after using the Remington Hyperflex Rotary Shaver. You might not notice the redness at first, but it will appear on your face a few minutes after you shave sensitive areas on your neck or chin. If you have sensitive skin and still want to use this product, you must at least apply warm water to your face to loosen up your bristles and open your pores. Some people even use a bit of pre-shave or shaving gel on their face to help lubricate their skin.

Not too Deep

Obviously, since this is an electric razor, don’t expect as close a shave as a safety razor or even a disposable razor. The Remington Hyperflex Rotary Shaver was designed to be quick, efficient, and durable. This product is a great addition to any pre-shave routine, but it won’t get super deep into your facial hair.

Bad Reviews

There are some reviews online that say the Remington XR1470 stops working a few months after use. These customers say the digital display on their Remington device just reads “E0” and will not turn on no matter how long you charge the shaver. Of course, this doesn’t happen to everyone and you do have a two-year warranty. But, as you could imagine, this is a major inconvenience if you’re unlucky enough to have one of these defective products.

Poor Customer Service

A few people reviewing this shaver online say Remington’s customer service department takes a long time to get back in touch. Again, this isn’t the experience of everyone, but you should know that some people have had issues with this in the past.

Bottom Line on Remington Hyperflex Rotary Shaver

The Remington Hyperflex Rotary Shaver is a professionally designed product that’s a great investment for men who want a way to trim facial hair quickly and efficiently. This is a remarkable electric shaver if you have to travel a great deal and need to clean up your facial hair in a pinch.

The only major issue people have with this product is that it can give you skin redness if you have particularly sensitive skin. Anyone who doesn’t have excessively sensitive skin will probably do fine with this product for touch-ups, manscaping, or daily shaving. You can order the Remington XR1470 on most any online retailer.

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