Top 6 Best Unscented Shaving Soaps to Consider

Shaving soaps are old school but making a fantastic comeback along with a renewed interest in wet shaving. Similar to shaving creams, shaving soaps create rich, thick lather that softens and lubricates your beard prior to shaving. Shaving soaps are also more economical than creams and canned foams, as they tend to last longer and require much less water to be effective.

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The following list consists of six great unscented shaving soaps arranged from most expensive to least expensive. Each soap has its own unique set of ingredients, features, and benefits. The best unscented shaving soap for you is the one that meets your shaving needs and grooming preferences.

The 6 Best Unscented Shaving Soaps to Consider

1. Unscented Shaving Soap by The Art of Shaving

Formulated with glycerin, palm oil, coconut oil and essential oils, Unscented Shaving Soap produces a velvety, thick lather that improves razor glide and, in turn, minimizes razor burn and irritation to the skin.

This soap’s dense lather also ensures that beard hairs remain lifted during shaving, making for a cleaner, smoother cut. Free of alcohol and synthetic dyes, this product includes a teak wooden bowl. The teak wooden bowl provides a receptacle for creating lather and a secure grip in wet environments.

2. Mitchell’s Wool Fat Shaving Soap with Ceramic Bowl

a Mitchell's wool fat shaving soap

Mitchell’s keeps it old fashioned with lanolin derived from sheep’s wool. This is the original unscented formula, consisting of a recipe that has not changed since the 1930s. The lanolin develops into soft peaks when lathered and imbues your skin with a slickness that minimizes all friction between blade and epidermis.

The moisturizing treatment lasts for days, reinforcing your skin at the cellular level, leaving it soft, pliable and dewy to touch.

3. WSP Rustic Shaving Soap

a Rustic shaving soap and a brush

Conceived especially for sensitive skin, WSP Rustic Shaving Soap is all natural and vegan. High-fat content from coconut oil produces creamy lather, protecting your skin from potential nick when in contact with your gliding razor.

This soap is also triple-milled, which concentrates its density. Milling removes water from hard soap, which greatly extends the soap’s life and yields even more intense, thick lather.

4. Van Der Hagen Men’s Luxury Unscented Shave Soap

Available in an inexpensive three-pack, Van Der Hagen Men’s Luxury Unscented Soap is a combination of shea, mango and cocoa butter that provides optimal lubrication. It’s also all-vegetable-based and not tested on animals. Critics praise this shave soap for the clean shave it allows and the way its moisturizing ingredients infuse skin, leaving your face baby soft and smooth.

Users claim that this shave soap even extends the life of their razor blades. The marked reduction in friction prevents the wear and tear that hastens the life span of less expensive blades.

5. Green Mountain Soap Company Unscented Shaving Soap

Green Mountain shaving soaps

For those who don’t mind animal-based soap, there’s Green Mountain Soap Company’s Unscented Shaving Soap. This product’s fat component comes from tallow, which is the preferred traditional fat source in classic shave soap.

This soap is also triple-milled, and it contains glycerin and bentonite clay. The former results in super-concentrated texture and longer lasting soap. It also contributes to this soap’s sumptuous lather. Glycerin, a humectant, traps water that it transfers to your skin as moisture at the cellular level.

Bentonite clay increases “slippage” and detoxifies your skin. When bentonite mixes with water, the clay’s chemical properties attract toxins, draining your skin of poisons, dirt and other impurities.

6. Kell’s Original Unscented Shaving Soap, Ultra Aloe Blend

Kell’s original handcrafted blend features aloe for its superior healing and lubricating qualities. A concoction of saponified fatty ingredients, such as oils of olive, safflower, hemp seed and coconut, make for a viscous foam, so your razor blade floats over the contours of your face.

This 4-ounce shave soap comes in a 6-ounce tin, the extra ounces providing room for you to generate your dream lather inside the tin.

Which Shaving Soap Should You Choose

There are no hard-and-fast rules when it comes to choosing shave soap. If you have sensitive skin, opt for shave soaps with a high-fat content of roughly 30 to 50 percent, such as Green Mountain Soap Company’s Unscented Shaving Soap or Mitchell’s. Animal fat, namely tallow, tends to have the highest fat content. High-fat content introduced to an alkali transforms into soap that yields superior lather.

However, advances in bar soap technology mean that new generations of shave soaps with all-vegetable-based fats consistently yield frothy, succulent lather. If you have other restrictions on the use of animal fat, such as a vegan lifestyle or ethical objections, then consider the non-animal shave soaps mentioned above.

Ultimately, experimenting with a variety of shave soaps is the most effective way to find the best one for you. It also brings an element of fun to your wet shaving endeavor, encouraging you to wet-shave more often. This list serves as a mere primer.

Roughly 85 percent of men prefer to wet shave, according to Mainstream attention also attests to the rising popularity of traditional wet shaving. Wet shaving is luxurious and rewarding, providing you have the right tools, like great shaving soap.

Summing It Up

Explore the plethora of shaving soaps available for your pleasure. Choose between vegan-friendly or animal-based soaps. If the latter doesn’t offend, and you have especially sensitive skin, then examine your tallow- and lanolin-based options. Their higher fat content produces luscious, juicy lather.

The vegan-friendly soaps on this list produce equally mouthwatering lather, benefiting from cutting edge bar soap technology. Whether small batch or mechanically produced, shaving soaps are available with lathering bowls or solo. Lathering bowls are convenient for mixing, but you can always buy your very own bowl separately.

Either way, price points for magnificent shaving soaps range from blue-collar-affordable to spa-quality-expensive, with products suited to every man in between.

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