Wahl Hair Clippers Review & Top 5 Best Models of This Brand

When it comes to clippers, there is no better make than Wahl Hair Clippers. Wahl Hair Clippers have the strongest motor of any hair clippers, allowing for a tool that is versatile and can be used for coarser grade hair. There is a slew of different clippers under the Wahl brand. Their uses vary, and each has its pros and cons. The Clip ‘N Trim provides the greatest versatility for home use and is the most accessible set of clippers for the amateur stylist.

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Features and Functions of Wahl Hair Clippers Clip ‘N Trim

    • PowerDrive Technology: Remember how Wahl hair clippers are powerful? This is thanks to the PowerDrive technology. Other low-powered clippers will leave you questioning whether or not the blades are moving fast enough to catch all of the hairs, but this is not a worry with the Wahl Clip N’ Trim.
    • Built in Trimmer: The Clip ‘N Trim is the only set of Wahl Hair Clippers that has a built-in trimmer—perfect for trimming by the ears, shaping the neck, and even trimming a beard.
    • Clipper Guide Combs: As with most clippers the Clip ‘N Trim includes guides in 1/8” increments from 1/8”-1”. What is unique is the inclusion of a 1/16” guide and a 3/16” guide, great for those who are meticulous about getting the perfect length trim and creating seamless tapering. Also included in the kit are right and left ear guide combs.
    • Self-Sharping High-Carbon Steel Blades: The high-grade blades on these Wahl hair clippers will keep you from having ever to worry about your clippers getting dull. No more getting hairs caught in dull blades and yanked out of your skin. You can be sure you’ll always get a smooth even cut.
    • Additional Accessories: A comb, scissors, brush, and oil for the clippers is included in the kit. The scissors are dependable and sharp. No need to worry about the teeth of the comb breaking either with the hard rubber construction.
    • Corded Power Source: Makes it difficult to use for travel, but the cord is long enough that it can be used anywhere in the home.

Pros and Cons of Wahl Hair Clippers Clip ‘N Trim

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Wahl Clip ‘N Trim Advantages

    • The best thing about the Wahl Clip ‘N Trim is its accessibility. Even the most casual consumer of hair clippers can find his or her way around these clippers.
    • The shape of the handle is ergonomic, making it easy to hold even when doing the tricky work of trimming one’s own hair.
    • Guide combs easily snap on and off, and the built-in trimmer folds out and clicks into place without any difficulty.
    • Tapering with the Clip ‘N Trim is precise and easy to adjust to exactness.
    • Having a trimmer built into the body of the clippers removes the inconvenience of having to have another set of clippers for touch-ups.
    • The included 1/16, ” and 3/16” guide combs (also labeled as .5 and 1.5) gives a greater range and control of the length of trims than most clippers on the market.
    • When talking about Wahl hair clippers, there is no way to keep from mentioning the superior power of the motor. It is impossible to over-value the quality of the cut that comes from the strong PowerDrive technology.

Wahl Clip ‘N Trim Disadvantages

    • One of the greatest disadvantages of the Wahl Clip ‘N Trim is having a corded power source. While this does mean that it always has the power it needs to keep the motor at optimum performance, it can still be obnoxious and makes it slightly less portable and less effective for travel.
    • The hard case that it usually comes in is cumbersome. The plastic latching wears down with time and so causes the case to become ineffectual. There are options though that include a cloth carrying case with a zipper that is much more durable and can be trusted to stay shut without wearing down.
    • One item missing from the kit is a barber’s cape. If this item were included, the in-home hair cutter would never need to look for other items to complete the basic hair-cutting kit.
    • The quality of the brush for the clippers is low grade, and the bristles in the brush easily get yanked free when caring for the clippers after use.
    • Sensitive-skinned individuals might find these clippers more irritating because of the power and speed of the blades. The vibration against the skin can cause minor irritation.

When it comes to all-around clippers, there is nothing better than the Wahl Clip ‘N Trim. It has the trusted quality of the Wahl brand—including the high-grade blades and high-powered motor. It is especially good for the amateur hair cutting enthusiast, who will find these clippers some of the easiest to use. The wide selection of guide combs makes it perfect for crafting any hairstyle.

Wahl hair clippers Clip ‘N Trim can be purchased here, or at any Walmart, Target, and most Walgreens. If you are looking to get into hair cutting or are just looking for that set of clippers that does everything you need, it’s time to get the Wahl Clip ‘N Trim.

There are those who want something that is more specific in use. For those, we have a list including the top 5 Wahl hair clippers for the top 5 specific uses.

The Best Wahl Hair Clippers to Consider

  • Best for Travel/Cordless: Wahl Lithium Ion Pro Hair Clipper and Trimmer Kit—These clippers are equipped with the strongest rechargeable batteries, Lithium Ion, and can be charged in as little as 15 minutes.
  • Best for Professional Use: Wahl Elite Pro High-Performance Hair Clipper Kit—This kit includes the best guide combs as well as the most powerful motor and strongest blades.
  • Best Head to Toe Grooming: Wahl Groom Pro Complete Head to Toe Grooming Kit—Works great not just for the hair on top of the head, but works for facial and body hair as well.
  • Best for Beard Grooming: Wahl Groomsman T-Pro Grooming Kit—The precision blade on these clippers is perfect for precision cuts around facial hair.
  • Best for Sensitive Skin: Wahl Ultra Close Cut Pro Clipper Kit—With a motor that runs 15% cooler, the irritation of sensitive skin will decrease.

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