How to Shave Effectively Using an Electric Shaver

Shaving with an electric shaver is an efficient, time-saving and cost-effective way, which gives you a clean and close shave without the chance of painful cuts.

It can take up to two weeks or more for skin to adjust properly with an electric shaver. When you are using an electric shaver, you are actually getting a very fine cut of your beard, which leads to minimal scarring. Healthy skin is the best benefit of an e-shaver.

  • Beginning of Shaving 

To start shaving with an electric shaver is a wise decision to make for the comfort of your skin and beard for a clean and safe shave. The first step is to wash your beard with warm water and pat it dry, then apply talcum powder to soften the beard. Another way to soften the beard is to wash with conditioner and shampoo before shaving.

  • Dry Shaving

Massage your fingers over your skin to determine which direction the hairs on your beard grow. It can vary from one part of your skin to another part.

Now pull the skin carefully with one hand, when dragging your shaver against the direction of growth with your other hand. This will give you a smart and effective shave. Remember, do not press down hard  or run over the same part repeatedly.

Many men have very sensitive skin. Starting the shave on the neck is recommended for those who have sensitive skin. As you are using an electric shaver, the blade can heat up which causes irritation. As the skin on the neck is thinner and can easily be irritated. So, beginning on the neck first, and then move up to the tougher areas of your face in the areas like the ears, nose and mouth allow for a cool shave.

  • Wet Shaving

In traditional wet shaving, there are some ways you should do first for actual shaving. First, wash your face and neck with a cleansing gel and use warm water. This will get rid of all the germs, oils, dead skin and other harmful things.

Secondly use a high quality shaving cream which is comfortable for your skin and not containing dirt or nasty substances. Then, massage the cream in your face and neck. If you use a soft hair brush, that’s even better. Leave it on for at least 5-10 minutes before shaving. If the cream gets too dry then you can use a little warm water.

If your beards have started growing in different patterns, use your hand and run across small areas to determine the direction of growth. Do not use hard pressure on the shaver. Try and experience with different techniques to find the one that suits you and your skin.

  • After Finished Shaving

After you’ve finished your shave, wash your face with cold water and apply your favorite after-shave balm or liquid. Stay away from the one which contains alcohol, they just sting and dry your skin.

If you want a shaver that  lasts for a long time and performs great. Then clean your shaver after every shave according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This is very important after using it for wet shaving.

  • Precautions/Warnings

First steps to get a clean, close and effective shave with an electric shaver is to ensure that the blades are sharp and the shaver screen is smooth. This prevents painful cutting of the beard against cluttered metal while shaving.

Make sure your shaver is not running low on battery because the blades of the shaver will have more resistance when moving and will need more power.

Take your time and enjoy your shave and don’t forget to read Braun series 9 review to know more about the latest eshaver.

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