Rotary or Foil – Which Electric Shaver is Better?

It isn’t difficult to define the specific difference between rotary and foil shavers. Foil and rotary shavers use different technologies and both deliver different results. The one which is right for you depends on a few factors such as your routine of shaving and type of your beard thickness. You have seen countless differences of both types of best men’s electric razors of 2018.

The Key Difference Between Rotary and Foil shaver

Here some important points that leads to an effective comparison among the both types.

  • Closeness – In discussions about difference of foil versus rotary, most commonly you can see the assertion that a foil will give a closer shave. It depends on the model of shaver, how finely the blades are made and positioning, your skin type, and many other factors. In general, many foil shaver do give a close shave compared to many other rotary models, but it’s not actually true.
  • Speed – A good foil shaver has a very high vibration rate, that can get as high as 14,000 cycles in per minute. Some rotary shavers also have a very high rotation which is not common. Speed does make a difference. Just as a fast-rotating lawn mower’s blades cut well than one rotating slower, so it is also happens with a shaver. All this assumes that other things are equally good such as blade quality, hole patterns, and many more.
  • Cutting Style – A foil shaver clearly has a native advantage. The natural straight line makes it much easier to a straight line on the top of a sideburn or follow the line of beards below the jaw. On the other hand a rotary can eliminate any advantage in here simply by including a best beard trimmer of 2018. In fact, whether it is  foil or rotary, those trimmers invariably perform a better job in those situations.
  • Maintenance – Another area of comparison between a rotary electric shaver and a foil, the foil one has an advantage which is not so easy to overcome. It is also usually easy to remove the head covering the blades with a rotary model. The other style of maintenance I experienced is that foil shavers are a little harder to use, even when they are not better in terms of vibration and cleansing solutions.

Which one could be your Best Pick?

Rotary or Foil electric shaver

Rotary or Foil electric shaver

Use a Rotary Shaver if you:

  • Shave infrequently, like once in a week
  • Having coarse or thick hair
  • Have hair which grows in many directions
  • Don’t want to clean your shaver daily
  • Don’t need a very closer shave

Use a Foil Shaver if you:

  • Shave every day
  • Have a fine hair
  • Have straight one direction growth of hair
  • Clean your shaver often
  • Want the closest shave

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