10 Things to Avoid To Get A Longer Life of Shaver Foil

Shavers Foil

Healthy and proper shaving is not only a way to take care of our precious skin, body and hair, it is also a great way to keep the shaving kit for a long time and to get  a hassle-free performance for a long period of time. So, aside from doing the right thing for your face and facial hair, you have to know how to take good care of your best electric shaver and its accessories. It is very necessary to keep your foil and blades in good condition. Today we are going to let you know the habits that kill the foil shaver before the guaranteed time estimated by the shaving kit manufacturer.

  1. Don’t Ignore Overheating: If you keep working the shaver for a long period of time, then the shaver will get too hot which is not good for the foil at all. Overheating is mainly caused because of the friction between metals. In this case you should stop the machine and use a drop of oil to lubricate the metal and it will decrease the friction and heating as well.
  2. Don’t Put too Much Pressure: For getting a close shave few men apply too much pressure on the head. This is not the right way to shave. The foil is made of thin metal, so too much pressure can easily damage the foil. Gentle pressure is enough to get the best performance from your best electric shaver and keep the foil in good condition.
  3. Don’t Tap the Shaver Head: During the cleaning process don’t tap the shaver head with your palm or sink because the shaver head is connected to the body with a honeycomb-bond. If this bond breaks then there is no way you can use this shaver.
  4. Don’t Force your Shaver through Hard Beard: Don’t ever force your shaver through a heavy and hard beard; it is a wrong way of shaving. You just need to move the shaver gently through your beard. You can trim the upper section of the beard to make the work even easier for your electric shaver.
  5. Don’t Store the Shaver in a Wet Place: After each shave, clean the shaver and the accessories nicely and keep them in a dry place to lure away the water. Before keeping the shaver in the safety case you can apply a drop of oil on the blades and foil to make it ready for the next use.
  6. Don’t Use a Cleaning Brush on Cutter Foil: Most of the electric shaver users use a cleaning brush to keep the foil clean, but it is the wrong way. You can keep the shaver under the tap or use the cleaning spray. Don’t ever use the cleaning brush to keep the shaver clean.
  7. Don’t Remove the Shaver Head Roughly: If you want to keep your electric shaver like Braun 9 series in good shape you must avoid rough handling while removing the head and other attachments. Be patient and remove the head with proper care.
  8. Don’t Neglect the Blade Protector Cap: The blade protective cap is very important during the journey. It is also important to protect the foil because a faulty foil can only give you a faulty shave.
  9. Don’t Keep your Shaver Messy: You must clean your shaver after every 2 or 3 shaves. It will keep the shaver effective for a longer period of time.
  10. Don’t Give it to Children: An electric shaver is not a child’s plaything. A child can drop the shaver on the floor, which can do harm to the foil or even the child.

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