Uppercut Deluxe Pomade – Should You Use It?

Tired of out of control hair that just won’t stay where you put it no matter how hard you try? Would you like to shape your hair into a stylish fashion that turns heads? Uppercut Deluxe pomade helps users create their own unique hairstyle without any muss or fuss.

an open jar of Uppercut Deluxe pomade for men

Uppercut Deluxe Pomade History

Uppercut Deluxe pomade users can step back in time to the 1950s-barbershop era. The Uppercut Deluxe formula was created by Willy Uppercut O’Shea. He was born in Dublin, Ireland at the onset of World War I. Then, after his father’s death, he jumped ship in Australia when he was 15-years old. From his early childhood, O’Shea began to develop an appreciation for being a sharp dresser, with perfectly groomed hairstyles.

The Original Uppercut

O’Shea went to work in the coal mines to make ends meet, then got an opportunity to tour with Jimmy Sharman boxing in 1933. For the next decade, he would earn his legendary nickname Uppercut. Even during the harshest of times in the Great Depression, O’Shea fancied himself as a stylish dresser who always looked sharp.

During these lean times, O’Shea would keep a clean tie and a barrel of homemade hair grease in his duffle bag. It was from these modest beginnings that he found a market for his uniquely original hair styling mixture. Uppercut Deluxe pomade still bears his trademark nickname today.

Two Men with a Dream

Luke Newman and Steve Purcell became friends during their early childhood. Each one had a developing fascination for barbering. It was from their enthusiastic creativeness that they created the Uppercut brand. Newman developed his fondness for barbering while standing outside barbershops watching how much enjoyment men seemed to derive from the experience.

He also paid close attention to the eloquent styles that the barbers were able to master using a pasty substance. After returning to Australia, Newman and Purcell collectively decided they could master a product that was an ‘uppercut’ above the rest. From a simple idea was born the Uppercut Deluxe pomade, logo design dedicated to the original Uppercut master himself, Willy O’Shea.

It didn’t take long before it was clear that they had a formula that men wanted. Patrons at their shops were asking how they could obtain Uppercut Deluxe products for friends and family. Soon after, there was an inquiry about how to get their pomade shipped to another country. Newman and Purcell were great barbers who had the skill to master a perfect product for men’s hair, but marketing was not their idea of fun.

Steve’s wife Keira came to the rescue. She had the perfect resume to market this newfound hair elixir. Her experience in skincare product sales blended with the two men’s product idea and a worldwide market for Uppercut products was launched.

How Is the Uppercut Deluxe Pomade Made?

a top part of a pomade jar

Newman and Purcell decided they could make a natural product that would exceed the expectations of both barbers and the men who wanted a perfect hairstyle. From an initial vision of just making a product to sell in their own barbershops, the immediate success of their hair product prompted them to expand their vision.

What they discovered was that many hair styling products were too greasy for their customer’s tastes, and others just didn’t get the job done. Uppercut Deluxe pomade has a thick gel-like consistency that makes it easier to apply but without a greasy feel.

Three of the ingredients help to formulate the soft texture of this pomade. Parfum, Coumarin, and Lanolin give user’s hair a soft, smooth feel with a firm hold. The ingredients give it an agreeable light coconut scent that has a pleasant aroma. Uppercut Deluxe gets its brown coloring from a mild supply of Caramel, CI 16035 Red 40.

It is a water-soluble product, which is suited for any hair type or desired style. Best of all, it washes away with just warm water, completely cleaned with a quick shampooing. It does not dry and out, so it can endure the entire day. The lightness of the ingredients gives Uppercut Deluxe pomade that same firm hold, without the heaviness of other greasy-base pomades.

How to Use Uppercut Deluxe Pomade

It only takes a quarter-sized dab of Uppercut Deluxe to craft the perfect hairstyle. For a little extra sheen, you can add just a tiny dab more. The pliable, light brown pomade will easily flatten in the palm of your hand, making it simple to evenly distribute on your hair.

Take your hands and smooth it flat, lightly spreading it across the top and down the sides of your hair. Lightly comb it through, adding that perfect style. Uppercut Deluxe pomade will hold your hair in place, giving you the confidence that the style you started with, will be the one people see throughout the day.

Is It Good for Your Hair?

Uppercut Deluxe doesn’t have any harsh alcohol ingredients like some mousses and liquid styling gels. It has a soft scent using hair-friendly ingredients that actually are beneficial to the health of your hair. It washes away with water, so it doesn’t have the abrasive chemicals like commercial hair products employ to get a strong hold. This pomade does it with ingredients that are kind to your hair but provide a firmness that lasts the entire day.

Putting It All Together

Uppercut Deluxe Pomade gives you a fighter’s chance every time you style your hair. Born in Australia from the ingenuity of an Irish immigrant, Uppercut Deluxe is a brand made using the finest ingredients. They offer a collection of superior grooming products for men, without all the needless extravagance of salon brands. Uppercut Deluxe gives men the ability to sculpt modern hair designs using traditional male grooming inspiration.

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