Tips to Stop Your Beard Itching Problems

Beard itch is an annoying and irritating problem for bearded men and due to this problem a lot of men around us can’t unfold their beautiful beard.

We often watch bearded heroes in Hollywood pictures and try to imagine ourselves with a beautiful beard like them. But when the beard itch comes to mind, we try to forget the wish of becoming a Hollywood hero. If only there is something like some rules or medicine to remove the beard itch for good. I know all of you want to have a long, strong and beautiful beard without any itching issue.

What if I told you that you can grow a long beard without the beard itching issue? I know you are becoming curious to know the secrets. Don’t worry; today I am here to tell you the mystery behind the beard itching problem and how to protect your beard from itching.

To stop the beard itch, you first have to know the reason of why these beards itch. Without knowing the disease you should not eat the medicine because it will only bring something bad and there is only a little chance of being well. So you should know the reason for the beard itch.

  • Why This Beards Itch? 

What I am going to say now will make you wonder. The main reason behind the beard itch is shaving. Believe me, this is the main reason behind the beard itching problem.

When you shave, the facial hairs are shaved in angle. As a result, the edges of the beards become sharp and when those hairs grow up a little they start to poke your face with those sharp edges. This situation creates great discomfort and makes you want to cut your thick, and full beards.

I will suggest that this problem is a temporary one and it will be gone with time. After 1 to 3 weeks you will feel no itching and can have beautiful, long beards. Patience is a great thing. Every beautiful thing can be achieved only by being patient. So be patient in those uncomfortable times and you will enjoy the result after a few weeks.

The sharp edges of the beards will get dull in a week and they will stop poking your face and skin and gradually you will get rid of this itching problem. So I strongly recommend you to face this 1 to 3 week period like a man and enjoy the beautiful long beard in the long run.

This way is for the general people but if you are facing this problem even after the selected time period, then your remedy is little different. But don’t worry- this is also a simple way of protecting your beards from itching. Generally, dry skin is the main cause behind the long beard itching. Here I am going to give you some tips.

  • Moisturized Face:

You have to keep your face moisturized. Our sebaceous glands produce natural lubricants which keep our face smooth and moisturized.

Hot water is injurious to our facial skin. If you wash your face with hot water, you should give up this habit immediately because it will dry out your skin and wash away the natural lubricants from the face. So, start using cold water for washing your face and even if it’s possible use cold water while bathing. It will keep your face fresh and shiny.

  • Apply Moisturizer:

You can apply some beard oil which will give your beard some extra shine and softens the skin under the beard and stops the itching. There are a lot of beard oils along with the best beard trimmers of 2018 in the current market with manly scents that you can choose from.

Be aware of using shampoo. Don’t use it twice in a week and use the beard oil after using the shampoo. These are the ways of stopping beard itching. Let’s all start growing long beards!

Alex William

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