Best Electric Shaver Reviews

My best electric shaver reviews are honest and are dedicated to those of you who are trying to find their desired razor and a shaver that fulfills your every shaving need. We all are living in a time of advanced technology which allows us fulfill most of our needs by inventing day-t0-day products to simplify living. Electric shavers are definitely one of the advance creations that save our time and even cause minimal irritation in doing so. So, there’s no need to buy shaving products every week or month because now we have to best of the best shavers. .

best electric shaver for men

Today most shavers are rechargeable, so these shavers are great to use for the long run. If this is your first time using an electric shaver, don’t worry- you will be able to find your preferred shaver depending on what your needs are, based on my honest reviews. Before I write each review, I test all of these products by myself, along with the help of some online research, to help you give my readers real-time information. So, I strongly recommended you to read my full reviews to get the clear idea on which one would be the most beneficial shaver to you.

4 Best Electric Shaver Brands:

Best Panasonic Electric shavers

Panasonic Electric Shavers – Panasonic’s shavers are the most recognized (and one of my favorite), electric shaver brands because they never compromise on its performance and quality. On Amazon, Panasonic’s continues to get high ratings and positive feedbacks from the users who purchased and use this electric shaver. The top advantage of these shavers is the capability to use them while your beard is wet, which means you have the option to shave with gels or shaving foams over the sink. In recent times, Panasonic has released a variety of dry-use shavers only with all requirements you are looking for.

Best Braun Electric shavers

Braun Electric Shaver – Braun shavers are the king of all shavers in the today’s market. They are quite impressive and are made by German engineering. The performance and quality of these razors are efficient and always remarkable. Their top quality does tend to make the shavers a bit more expensive than other brands, but it is 100% worth it thanks to the comfort and efficiency of these shavers. These shavers can give you a close shaving experience, which in reality is what everyone wants from their shaver. In today’s society, most men pick Braun as their expected one for long run.

Best Philips Electric Shavers

Philips Electric Shaver – Philips electric shavers are simply amazing due to the rotary shavers and the excellent shaving experience, that people rave about in today’s market. The performance of the Philips shaver is quite good and you can get your desired one within an affordable price range. Philips has many different models, so that all users and buyers have an option to get the best one to fit their own personal needs. As a rotary shaver, it has modern features and that is why any Philips shavers could be the last shaving brand you ever think about purchasing. For body grooming and trimming, Philips razors are the best rotary shavers at this point in time.

Best Remington Electric shavers

Remington Electric Shaver – Remington’s electric razors are one of the cheapest razors made today and are made by a company that has had more than 75 years of manufacturing experience in making quality shavers. The price maybe cheap, but when it comes to it’s performance and quality, the price is a steal.  If you desire the best market deal for your electric razor, then Remington will be the best option for you.

Why Use an Electric Shaver?

Now, most men prefer to use an electric shaver as an alternative to their same old razor blades for several reasons. Some key reasons are that you can use it anywhere and anytime you want, get a quicker and closer shave that can save time, long battery life, and it typically will come with a 4-6 year warranty. Electric shavers are also very easy for travel, cause less skin irritation, and are equipped with a wet OR dry shaving option. When you use any non-electric razor after using an electric shaver, then you will easily understand why you should use an electric shaver.

What to Look For:

Electric shavers are completely different in shape and size from old traditional razors. Typical razors have one head or even one blade which causes discomfort and irritation. On the other hand, big brand name models like Panasonic and Braun feature shavers with several blades that are equipped with swappable heads. In order to get a close and desired shave, we need to focus on several features that will ensure that you get the best experience and smoothest shave out of your shaver.

Let’s check out the key features before you buy one:

  • Charging Speed – Electric shavers are portable and very easy to use. Charging speed can help you get a more frequent shave. Before you shave, make sure your battery is always being charged so you don’t have to wait too long or wait to shave when it’s an emergency.
  • Battery Life – Another important thing you must keep in mind is the shavers battery life. Don’t go with a shaver that has less than 25 minutes to its battery life. Today you can find some big name shavers that have 50-60 minutes battery life, allowing you can shave several times after charging once.
  • Warranty – Most of the electric shaver come with a minimum of a 2 year warranty. Don’t pick a shaver that has less than a 2 year warranty!. If you can take care of your shaver properly, then it will work well for sometimes up to 10 years. Some devices can have some defects while manufacturing, so you should pick one with a long warranty so you don’t have to pay for another razor.
  • Features – Each shaver comes with a variety of different features. Some can give you a close shave with dry or wet shaving capabilities. A few shavers even come with built-in beard or head trimmers. Most of the branded shavers have an indicator features that warns you when you have a low battery. Different cleaning options are also available with different shavers; some are are equipped with an automatic washing center and some can be cleaned with a cleaning brush.

Specifications to Consider:

  • Cutting Performance Pick one which has a high speed motor to get the best performance.
  • Dry/Wet Shaving This feature can give you freedom to shave in the shower or in a dry situation.
  • Auto Cleaning System The best cleaning systems keep your shaver completely hygienic and bacteria-free.

What are the Pros:

  • Speed – In a survey, 76% of user said that electric shaver is faster than any type of razor.
  • Convenience – You can shave both wet and dry, wherever and whenever you want.
  • Holidays – You can take it in your luggage for a beard-free business trip or holidays thanks to it’s portability and easiness to use.

What are the Cons:

  • Pricey – Most of the branded electric shavers are expensive. You can get a shaver within $50, but to buy a branded shaver with additional features will charge above $100.
  • Closeness – You won’t get close shaves like a typical razor blade will. Most people will still argue that a razor is the best way to get the closest shave possible.

Electric Shaver Reviews You can Trust

I always try to write something that can help people find the product they most desire and are looking for. I write these sorts of reviews after doing research and by conducting different trials on different types of shavers, in order to provide you with the most honest reviews possible. After analyzing different brands I have finally picked the top 4 brands that I like and prefer – Panasonic, Philips, Braun and Remington. I work for the users only and ensure that my recommendations are only based on overall performance. I don’t do any type of advertising and I buy all items to test myself. I hope these honest reviews lead you to the best razor for you and steer you away from making the mistake of buying a razor you don’t like.

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Picking an electric shaver will have many advantages at today and you will find it very beneficial. Though traditional razors are still doing well  and still give a close shave, an electric shaver can definitely be the best alternative. With an electric shaver, you will feel little to zero skin irritation, it takes less time to shave, you won’t have any cuts or bleeding, you have the freedom to shave anywhere, and it can be used dry or wet, even in the shower!

For the best shaving experience, you must pick one that you find the most intriguing and I hope that this best electric shaver reviews will help you to find your desired shaver.