Wahl 9818 Beard Trimmer Review – All-in-One Groomer

Wahl 9818 all-in-one Trimmer

The Wahl Clipper Corporation was founded in 1919, initially as a hair clipper company that manufactured motorized versions of hair cutters and sold them to barber shops and similar establishments. Over that time, it has made a name for itself and is now one of the leading brands when it comes to professional and home-grooming tools.

This particular beard trimmer, the Wahl 9818, is a high quality, durable groomer made from stainless steel. This makes a change from a lot of the low-end trimmers which feel cheap and are easily broken. When you get ahold of the product, you’ll quickly realize it is heavier than many of the other electric shaving devices that are made mostly of plastic.

Over time, the overall quality makes it a good investment as it’ll still be working just as well two years after the day it was purchased, unlike some lower-end models that start having issues after a year or so.

Made and built in the U.S.A., the construction of this beard trimmer has been designed to withstand prolonged, everyday use due to its heavy-duty exterior. While its lithium-ion battery, which will retain a charge for a longer period than you could achieve from a lower priced set of clippers, allows you to get 7 or 8 shavers in without the clippers needing to be charged. All of this makes this trimmer ideal for quick cuts as you can pick it up and use it right away.

What Comes Inside the Box?

This Wahl groomer set comes with the groomer head, a detail shaver head, a rotary detail head, 6 position guides, 8 t-blade guides which allow you to cut the desired length for your hair – length settings that go from 1 mm to 18 mm. You also get a comb, a brush for cleaning, oil for the blades and a storage pouch for travel.

While many clippers come with some of these items, the extra choice of heads and guides make the set much more useful and make the Wahl 9818 a great value for money as a shaving kit.

Multi-Purpose Trimmer

This set works well for shaving your beard as well as trimming eyebrows, nose and ear hair and it never pulls or rips the hair out – it always provides a painless cut. This is one of the main differences between higher quality items and the cheap beard trimmers 2015. They are equipped with faster, more efficient motors that cut the hair instead of using brute force to pull them out. Ultimately, this is the difference between a comfortable shave and one that ends in skin irritation.

Maintaining Your Wahl Beard Trimmer

Taking good care of this grooming set is an excellent way to prolong its use and efficiency – a good routine will involve cleaning the blades thoroughly after each use, storing the set away in a safe place and oiling the blades regularly to keep them working at their most efficient.

How to Replace the Wahl Beard Trimmer Battery?

Start by removing the rubber grip near the handle of the cordless trimmer. Remove the screws from the top to take the metal piece and plastic part off then open the plastic cover and separate it into two pieces. The plastic is quite durable so do not worry about breaking it upon prying it open. This process gives access to the switch button, chipset, battery, and motor. Detach the chipset, motor, and battery from the plastic body, showing the motor and wires connecting to the battery then remove the white plastic cover over the chipset enabling the battery to be taken off. Finally, remove the Lithium-ion battery and replace it with the new battery or a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery.

Final Review Of Wahl Beard Trimmer

If your facial hair is quite coarse, cheap trimmers can sometimes struggle to cut it. The Wahl 9818 glides nicely through thick, coarse hair and gives a great cut even after a year of use. I wouldn’t recommend using these clippers for cutting head hair as the blade isn’t the longest, even with an attachment so it is advisable to have a larger set of clippers for that purpose.

It’s also worth noting that, unlike many clippers, you cannot use the trimmer while it is plugged into the wall, charging the battery, but that isn’t too much of an issue. It has a quick charge feature so it can be ready in a short period of time. The charge also lasts a long time, such that you can use it a few times and then it’s still ready for use next time.

If you can manage to buy these clippers then you’ve got yourself a fantastic deal which will save you plenty of money in the long run by avoiding expensive barber costs.


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