Clear Understanding on Electric Shaver and Manual Razor

Electric Shaver vs Manual Razor

Now-a-days, people are more health conscious than other times. They want to use modern equipment for their daily activities. Among them electric shavers and razors are important items to have. It is true that a lot of people are confused about manual razors and electric shavers. They face many problems to setup their mind for finding out the most efficient product. If you are among them, then this article will help you to understand the scenario. If you read the pros and cons of using a manual razor and an electric razor, then you will understand the difference.

Pros of Electric Shavers:

There are various types of electric shavers in the world market. If you use any of the brands, you will get the following benefits. These are given below:

  • Comfort and convenience are the major advantages of an electric razor. You will easily get a comfortable shave compared to a manual razor blade. Electric shavers are available with a flexible head which is efficient for the face.
  • You can get a hassle-free shave by using this best electric shaver. Manual shaving can take some preparation before shaving. Many people like to dry shave by using an e-shaver. It provides you the ultimate comfort during the period of dry shaving at anytime.
  • It is true that a top electric razor of 2018 can create little skin irritation.
  • You can easily speed up your shaving activities by using an e-shaver. The Panasonic ES LV95-S can finish your job in 3 minutes. When it takes minimum of 10 minutes with manual razor.
  • Some electric shavers are long lasting items likes all Braun series 9 shaverBraun series 7 799-cc shaver which are manufactured for seven years of service.

Cons of Electric Shavers:

Though there are many benefits for using e-shavers, these have many negative sides also. The cons of electric shavers are given below:

  • Although e-shavers are efficient,mmost of them cannot give you the desired closeness like a manual blade.
  • Electric shavers are noisy. Sometimes it can create sound pollution.
  • It is not an ideal solution if you want to get a cool and silent shaving experience.
  • You will have to spend a huge amount of money for purchasing a high quality electric shaver.
  • Most of the best e-shavers are expensive compared to razors.
  • You need a previous experience for using electric shavers. Some e-shavers need time to adjust to your beard.

Pros of Manual Razors:

There are various types of manual razors in the world market. Most of them are less expensive. Some brands are expensive compared with other brands. There are many advantages of using these manual razors, these are given below:

  • You can easily get a clean shave every time
  • You don’t go for maintenance
  • It is easy to dispose the razor blades
  • Razor blades are economical compared with electric shavers
  • Manual razor blades are available at the departmental stores
  • You don’t have to bother with finding replacement parts as like as an electric shaver
  • Most of the general people are familiar with a manual razor blade
  • You don’t need any experience compared with electric shavers
  • Manual razors can’t create noise as like as electric shavers
  • It is easy to carry, so you can travel anywhere with this
  • You don’t need extra accessories with this razor

Cons of Manual Razors:

It is true that manual razors are economical than electric razors, but these have many disadvantages. The disadvantages of manual razors are given below:

  • Razor blades can cut your neck and face without warning
  • Manual razors can create skin irritation which is harmful
  • These are not efficient for your sensitive skin
  • It can take time to ready for a nice shave
  • Shaving through a manual razor is a process which is very slow
  • You need to change the razor blades after one time use

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