The Best Single Edge Razor Blades

a young man at the barber shopDouble-edge razor blades are the most common type of razor blade, but the single edge option deserves some consideration. Single edge razors actually glide across your face better, reducing the chance of an ingrown hair. Since King Gillette produced his first single and double cutting edged razors, the number of diversions has been endless.

A good quality single edged razor will do the job and actually shave your face smoother, with less irritation. Here are four of the best single edge razor blades on the market today. These products are listed according to their price, from the highest to the lowest one.

#1. Gem by Personna

a GEM by Personna single edge blades box

GEM by Personna is another excellent single edge razor blade that comes in multi-packs for shaver convenience. They use high-quality steel and honed to perfection for a smooth, close shave.

GEM by Personna packs also have a convenient vault for all your used blades. GEM single edge razor blades are available at most retailers and drugstores. They are one of the more widely respected single edge razor blades available.

Price: $16.

#2. PAL Single Edge Blue Blades

a small PAL shaving blade

Like the Derby Professional, PAL uses cutting edge manufacturing technology to create a razor sharp edge to their blades. The Blue Blade is a favorite among single edge shaving enthusiasts for the crisp smoothness of the shave.

The cost of this product is not high considering its beard coarseness and the fact that it can provide up to four ultra-smooth shaves. They remove all the double and triple edge irritation for about 10 cents a shave. If you find the PAL blades to be preferable, you can purchase them in a 25-count pack as well.

Price: $12.

#3. Feather Artist Club Professional Blade

Feather professional blade logo

Feather is a brand of professional single edge razor blades that meets all the needs of its target market. This Japanese company manufactures some of the best single edge razor blades, focusing on quality and functionality. Their design is created for professional use but you can easily shave with them in the comfort of your own home. So, expect a clean and close-to-skin shave. Feather blades are thinner than other blades which leads to a greater flexibility.

Price: $11.

#4. Derby Professional Single Edge Razor Blades

a pack of derby single edge razor blades

If you’re looking for inexpensive single edge razor blades, which meet professional barber specifications, the Derby Professional is an answer. They have an excellent durability rating, offering a sharp cutting edge for dozens of shaves. Derby uses a manufacturing process that starts with a stainless steel hardened razor from Sweden.

They use advanced razor making technology to deposit chromium ceramic, tungsten and platinum to each cutting edge. This gives the Derby Professional optimum edge sharpness for longer shaving life. Each razor blade is then coated with a polymer finish for the ultimate shaving comfort. Derby uses a strict quality control, inspecting all production equipment at every stage of the manufacturing process.

Price: $10.

#5. UltraSource Single Edge Razor Blades

an UltraSource blade close-up

UltraSource blades are simple-crafted and affordable, yet very durable. They are made of steel and come in packages of 100 blades each. You will see some knock outs on the blades’ body. This feature assures a secure grip in your shaving tool’s head. According to the users, UltraSource razor blades have a longer life span compared to other similar products on the market.

Price: $9.

#6. Dorco Stainless Steel Razor Blades

a dorco stainless steel razor on a dorco pack of razor blades

The Dorco brand has a long-standing and excellent reputation for quality. Dorco Stainless Steel single edge razor blades can be purchased in one of the largest packaging options. You can get individual 10-blade dispenser packages in a 100-count order. That makes the Dorco about 8 cents a razor. Most men are happy with this product because each blade is individually wrapped.

Price: $8.

#7. Sharp 100 Hi-Chromium Single Edge Shaving Razor Blades

a package of SHARP blades

These blades are Swiss made. It provides a barber shop quality at a very affordable price. Sharp razor blades are coated with Teflon which makes them a lot more durable. Moreover, due to this aspect, you will achieve a soft and smooth shave. They come in packages that contain 100 blades, individually wrapped. Sharp razors can be easily used with any standard shavette razor.

Price: $7.

#8. LORD Super Stainless Single Edge Razor Blades

a package of LORD single edge razor blades

LORD products come in packages of 100 individual single edge razor blades. If you’re searching for inexpensive yet high-quality blades, these are worthy of your consideration. LORD super stainless blades were designed for professional use and they guarantee a perfect alignment. Each blade is wrapped in its own individual package. Also, they are all extremely sharp and durable.

Price: $6.39.

#9. American Line ASR 66-0210 .009 Single Edge Blades

an American Line blades package close-up

This product comes with a safety dispenser which contains a set of ten razor blades. American Line blades are high-quality products, being made of carbon steel. Like the Feather blades, these are also specially designed for professional use. So, if you use them, you will achieve a barber-style look. What you might like most about these blades, besides their durability, is the price. American Line blades are affordable to anyone.

Price: $5.41.

Bottom Line

Single edge razor blades are an inexpensive and safe way to get a close shave. It doesn’t take much of a mathematical mind to calculate how expensive these fancy multiple blade contraptions set you back every time you replace one. Using a pivot handled single blade handle with a pack of replacement blades, you’ll get a smoother, less irritating shave for pennies on the dollar.

If you use a quality blade you’ll get a smooth, comfortable shave every time. You not only save money and get a better shave, but you’ll also feel some of the nostalgia of going back in time to when shaving like a man, made you feel like a man.

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