Panasonic ER-CA35-K Review, Rechargeable Trimmer

Panasonic ER-CA35-K Trimmer

Panasonic ER-CA35-K Trimmer

This particular trimmer offered by Panasonic is a good choice for people who want something that can be used as a hair clipper as well as a beard trimmer. It’ll let you save yourself a trip to the barbershop since you’ll be able to take care of your own grooming needs at home.

Panasonic ER-CA35-K Review

Many beard trimmers are often a one function product, though a number of manufacturers have added different features to some of the models, so picking out one that fits your needs is important. For example, if you want something that grooms your beard and give you a close shave, you’ll need one that comes with an electric shaver feature.

As for the Panasonic ER-CA35-K Trimmer, it features 7 different cutting lengths and can be used on your head too. These lengths are controlled by a dial, so there’s no need to worry about loosing your beard trimmer’s parts ever again. Its blade is spring-loaded and is made of high-performance stainless steel that is hypo-allergenic. This reduces any possible irritation or skin reactions to any of the materials while shaving because the length adjustment is done via dial, there is no need for a user adjustment.

You can plug in the Panasonic ER-CA35-K and use it in corded mode, or unplug it and go freestyle. With an 8 hour charge, you’ll get a full 40 minutes of hair styling power without the hassle of a cord. This gives you the complete convenience of a full body grooming system without having to take a trip to the barber, or pay a stranger to cut your hair.

Seeing as it comes with a 100 volt to 240 volt converter, it makes for perfect use even when you are traveling overseas to countries that use different voltage. This means you won’t have to bring a separate converter for your next business trip if you want to stay well groomed.

The Panasonic ER-CA35-K is also 100% washable, which means you won’t have to worry about expensive cleaning equipment to keep your shaving and grooming equipment clean. All it takes is a quick rinse under some water and you are good to go.

The ergonomic design and the curved shape lets it fit well in your hand and allows you to get a good grip on the device as you move the blade across your face. At less than 7 inches long, this is one of the more compact trimming products available. Often you’ll find them ranging from 9 to 11 inches.

There are, however, a few downsides to this top beard trimmer 2015. It does not come with any angle head adapters, which would improve the versatility of the product. It will also not tell you how close the battery is before it’s dead, leaving you sort of clueless as to why it may have died on you in the middle of a shave or trim, and does not come with a box or other storage unit for continuous storage.

Many people do look for these features when they are buying a beard trimmer, but it is very well designed. Most people don’t think about angle head adapters while styling their hair, and whether you know how long before a battery is dead or not, it will still die regardless.

As for storage, you can easily buy a bucket or bag that suits your needs to put the shaver in with all of its parts, as you see necessary. Aside from those cons, the choice is simple. It is, in fact, a quality beard trimmer.

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