How to Deal with Dry Skin under your Beard?

Deal with Dry Skin under Beard

Clean shave has always been a suitable look for groomed up males for many years, though some men are gradually opting more for hairy faces. They want faces that are styled with anything from the infamously short stubbles to the long beard. However, the growing a beard properly is not always easy. In reality, many of the men who tried to develop a beard have given up on it. This is because of a frequent problem called dry skin.

If you wish to grow a beard, then understanding the different causes of dried out skin could help to avoid this. Thus, you could achieve whatever beard length that you desire with no experience of discomfort.

Reasons of Dry Skin under Beards:

The dry skin under your beard could be set off by a range of factors that include:

  • Cold Weather

The cold weather can wreak havoc all over the skin and also cause the tender skin under the facial hair to turn dry. It is because the environment lacks moisture in cold weather. It is therefore full of dry wind. The same wind turn blows away the moisture, far from your skin, making it feel all dry and every so often flaky.

  • Improper Care of Beards

Since growing a beard is all about the proper maintenance of both the facial hair and skin beneath it, improper care of this facial hair can make the skin really dry. With such improper grooming up of facial hair, the skin would lose its natural oil and becomes flaky, dry, and also itchy sometimes.

  • Alcohol based Grooming Products

When you use beard-grooming products, it is absolutely mandatory that you pay attention and watch what type of products you are using to achieve a good-looking beard. Some of these products have alcohol and many other harsh chemicals that would, instead of moisturizing skin, strip it off its natural oil and clog up all the pores and the end result is incredibly dry skin.

  • Stress

One other possible reason of dry skin lying under the beard would be stress. When you become stressed out, your body discharges an excessive amount of those stress hormones called Cortisol. When it is released too much, it then breaks down the collagen, the other hormone which is responsible in keeping your skin smooth and supple.

Tips on – How to Fight with Dry Skin

In spite of what caused the dry skin around your beard, this problem has to be rectified completely before it would become a serious trouble in your day-to-day life. Dry skin does not just cause discomfort, but it can also turn out to be inflamed or itchy. Here we have a few helpful tips which will help get rid of the dry skin beneath beards forever.

  • Apply Mild Shampoos on the Beard

Shampoos that are specifically designed only for facial hair are prepared to keep your beard looking perfect and also help your skin preserve its moisture. So shampooing the beard two to three times every week is a very effective way if you wish to keep the skin beneath your beard from getting all dry. As the market has become filled with a large variety of brands that make beard shampoos, you should go for the mild shampoos which are okay with your skin. In addition, shampoos that are rich in vitamins B and E would also be excellent choices, because these vitamins have proven to be very effective in making and keeping the skin moisturized and healthy.

  • Avoid Hot Water

Washing your beard at least once every day is a must as it helps keep your facial hair clean and your skin smooth and healthy. However, you should make it a point to avoid hot water whenever you wash your beard. This is because hot water irritates and dries the skin. Warm or cold water, on the other hand, refreshes the skin and enables it to maintain its natural oils.

  • Moisturize Your Beard Area

It is a fact that as long as the beard area you have is completely moisturized, you would never come across dry skin. All the beard oils and moisturizers all work well at keeping your facial hair well moisturized, preventing flaky and temperamental skin. That kind of beard is, frankly, very painful to even lay eyes on.

  • Maintain a Healthy Diet

The food you eat puts a direct effect on your body, particularly on your skin, preserving a healthy food habit will help you avoid the drying of skin beneath your beard. A great place to begin this diet could be eating a lot of fruits and the foods full of vitamin A and beta-carotene. This will definitely help you maintain natural glow of your skin.

  • Avoid All Stress

Stress always plays the main role in a range of skin-related problems that include beard dandruff and dryness. Therefore, to avoid stress at any cost can help you prevent dryness of skin beneath your beard.

So, getting enough sleep, adopting a healthier lifestyle, exercising regularly, avoiding alcohol, cigarettes and drugs and reducing sugar and caffeine intake are all very effective ways to prevent the body from working up overtime and escalating the scale of stress on your different organs.

As we can see, achieving a great bearded look with the best beard trimmer of 2018 will require a lot of effort and determination. By following all the aforementioned tips, you will be totally able to keep your beard development process easy and your journey much more bearable.

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