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Best Electric Shaver 2018

The market is filled with different models and different makes of shavers. It’s often difficult for someone to pick the best product for themselves. From the manufacturer to engineering, everything about a shaver matters. Without bringing every possible issue under consideration there will be a greater chance of ending up with a useless product. So, this electric shaver reviews guide is dedicated to reduce your confusion and help you choose the perfect product. Carefully go through it to be enlightened about all the things that you need to know while buying a shaver.

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Why should you buy an e-Razor?

  • Argument for e-Shaver:

It’s the most important question. Why would you have an electric razor? First of all, they are fast. If you are a busy guy having little time to spend after shaving, then having an electric shaver is a must for you. Secondly, it can be used on a dry face. This feature allows you to shave anywhere anytime. Also, you don’t have to waste time soaking your face with shaving foam or gel and carefully shave your beard. Thirdly, electric razors are safer than regular ones. So, if you have sensitive skin or other skin conditions you must really look into these shavers. Lastly, with a best electric Shaver 2018 you can do your own styling, where regular shavers are designed to just give you a clean shave every time. You can shape your beard to any thickness. Electric shavers are an ideal styling tool that comes with different attachment heads giving you the luxury of creating your own trend. Also, there’s no fear of getting a razor cut while shaving with an electric razor.

  • Argument for Traditional Razor:

Even today, many people still like to do their shaving with conventional razors. There’s a reason behind it! Traditional shavers can provide you with the closest shave. It feels more reliable to use a traditional shaver. The shavers need a wet face to work and they can produce the maximum amount of cleaning, though, which is the downside. The modern razors of these days like Gillette Fusion or Mach3 turbo comes with multiple blades to increase comfort, efficiency and durability.

The traditional razors are cheaper than the electric shavers. So, if you are willing to spend less money and a lot of time after shaving then you can go for the traditional shavers. They can give maximum precision. Traditional shaving demands traditional razor blades. Note this- the shaving largely depends on the way you control the razor blades. It takes years of experience to extract the highest level of perfection.

The Judgment – Go with Electric Shaver:

So, after the discussion it may already be clear to you that best electric razors are a wiser pick.  If you are going to buy a shaving kit for the first time or still can’t get the hang of manual shaving then you must try the modern electric shavers. They are certainly good for daily use and can be used on both dry and wet face depending on the need. Hopefully this article will help you in your decision in whether or not to pick between an electric shaver and a conventional razor.

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