5 Best Beard Trimmers for Men

Celebrity Beard StyleAre you looking for the best beard trimmer for men? It is one of the most needed items for styling and grooming facial hairs, but to get this kind of styling look, first you must to have the best one for you. Many times we do make mistakes when buying a trimmer, so before you buy one you should read some reviews to get the clear idea on its features, which can help you to pick the right one depending on your needs. With a good one you will have different features and different options such as: shaping, trimming, edging and detailing.

Best Beard Trimmer

Before you buy one, you must have a clear sense on what you’re actually looking for. After picking one, you can read online reviews on that top rated shaver or trimmer which will help you to understand more about its performance and features, and you’ll gain a clear idea as to which one you are looking for. Generally you can easily use one trimmer for around 4-5 years, if you take care of it  properly. I picked the 5 best beard trimmer after much research  that can help you to understand which one you should choose.

Philips Norelco All-in-1 Grooming System

Norelco All-in-1

It is a very high quality beard trimmer for men with a great system that you can use for grooming effectively, even when you are traveling and without use of several tools. If you are looking for the perfect trimmer that can style your beard nicely then Philips Norelco All-in-1 is your ultimate solution. Though this one is a bit expensive, its quality and performance can ensure the value of each penny you spend. With this trimmer, satisfaction is guaranteed. This one has different options to select which allow you to manage your mustache and beard. For the highest level of accuracy Philips uses steel wave technology.

Philips Norelco QG3384/42 Multi-Groom 7100 Grooming Kit

Norelco QG3384/42

This stylish trimmer can be the next best alternative that can easily fulfill your trimming needs because of its unique vacuum system, so that it can capture and store hairs to give you a hair-free sink. Most of the people prefer this one because it’s waterproof and it has a 2 year warranty with 45 day risk free trial, so you are not satisfied with it then you have the option of a risk free trial. It also has a powerful battery so that you can use it for up to 50 minutes by charging for only one hour. Though this trimmer is not washable you can easily clean it with its cleaning brush.

Panasonic Milano Series ER-GB40-S Beard Trimmer

Panasonic ER-GB40-S

Panasonic Milano ER-GB40-S is an award winning all-in-one hair, body and beard trimmer for men that has a dry or wet shaving option, so you can easily trim your beard in both wet or dry situations. You don’t need several comb attachments because it has a quick adjust dial to adjust easily comb up and down. This trimmer has a self charging system with an indicator light and red light on when charging. With fully charged battery you can normally use cordless up to 50 minutes. It uses advanced cutting technology that can cut hairs at 45 degree angles to give you a clean and sharp trim.

Braun Cruzer 6 Beard and Head Trimmer

Braun Cruzer-6

Braun proves their excellence with this trimmer that they really are the best in grooming technology. This one is the best trimmer of all other Braun shavers. It’s features include a 12 different length settings (6 for beard and 6 for hair length). That is why it’s perfect for beards as well as haircuts. It also has a “click to lock” system to hold the comb tightly to cut using the perfect length setting for you while trimming facial hairs. The best part of this one is that it comes with a double battery which allows this trimmer to cut all types of hairs. By charging the battery for only one hour, you can use it for up to 40 minutes. This trimmer is also washable, so you can simply clean it under some running water.

Conair iStubble GMT900 Facial Trimmer

Are you searching for a trimmer to control stubble? Are you looking for a cheap trimmer that won’t cost you much? If your answer is YES, then this one is right for you. Conair GMT900 can give you a longer stubble look, a short beard look and a short gloom look. It features a 15 length setting, so you can pick from 0.4 to 5mm that are easily adjustable and can you give you the perfect length you’re looking for. Its unique floating head system is excellent and can powerfully follow face contours. Though Conair iStubble is not washable, it still has efficient features like a dual battery, LCD display and silky design.

Each of the considerations relies on one straightforward thing and that’s why the trimmer is so popular. A few of the reasons could include:

    • Groom Mustache
    • Trim Beard
    • Deal with Stubble
    • Remove Facial Hair
  • Perfect Grooming Experience

The factors determine the type, power and size of the best trimmers that you should shop for. You will have several choices. Some people would choose to buy more than two trimmers which concentrate on a set region over another, when others might want one that does all of it.

You should try and identify your reasons for wanting a top beard trimmer before you make a final decision on just any model. It might be beneficial to look around and observe what market offers you before picking one. Knowing your options could make the difference in price, size and style.

best beard trimmer 2015

How to Pick the Best Beard Trimmer

Now we’ll look at details and see how to pick the finest beard trimmer to trim your beard.

  • Cost

Yes, price would be the most important fact before we purchase anything. It’s no different when it comes to buying a beard trimmer. Its price tag is important, but the real value which you obtain from it is what matters. So, first comes the real price of the trimmer and then the most worth from which you get from it.

  • Brand Name

There are more chances of buying a product manufactured by a popular brand than a new brand, especially if we’re talking electronic devices. In addition to that, we as humans, are mostly programmed to avoid risk, never trying a company and a product that has no strong market presence or if you’ve become too accustomed to one specific brand.

Indeed, there are instances of small but great companies, presenting great and even better merchandise than a well-known brand. A big brand name ensures certain things. Let’s say, availability. In addition to stock availability, substitute parts are important. If something broke down, it should be replaced immediately. A popular brand could ensure that kind of availability. A known brand would possibly exist after a couple years you buy the best beard trimmer.

A brand name could give you the chance to resell it. The value would help it sell faster at excellent reselling price. Nevertheless, you have more chances reselling a trimmer with a brand name.

  • Cordless VS Corded Trimmer

Cordless trimmers are more convenient and flexible than corded. Cordless trimmers are mobile without cords. They could also be waterproof that makes both cleaning and trimming easy. Just run it under a tap. However, cordless trimmers have a couple of hitches.

First, cordless trimmers aren’t as strong as corded ones. More power means the trimmer cuts beards with more speed, not pulling any out. Another thing would be that the corded trimmers never run out of charge, but these do if you don’t charge them much.

  • Charging Level Indicator

Beard trimmers usually have two LED lights that indicate if it’s charging or it’s charged or no charge. It comes in handy if you can’t locate the trimmer.

  • Speed of Trimmer

The trimmers may have more than one speed. The faster or slower speed depends on your comfort level entirely.

  • Length Settings

Please ensure that the trimmer offers you multiple settings options so you could change the setting. It will let you trim the beard at various lengths.

  • Trimming Options

A beard trimmer could be used to trim your beard, body and/or legs also. So, check the accessories and parts the trimmer has before you buy one.

  • Interchangeable or Adjustable Guard

Convenience is one critical factor while picking any goods, and it’s the same for trimmers. Do you want an adjustable beard guide or an interchangeable one? If you plan on using this trimmer anywhere else other than your beard, consider this factor.

  • Accessories

As we said, beard trimmers might come with an interchangeable guard. It’s mainly useful if you make use of it for various functions. Maybe you have to use your trimmer for the body hair trimming too. You could use it as an ears and nose trimmer. There are some more which could decide your best trimmer like travel bags, storage pouches and trimmer’s stand.

  • Blade Maintenance

Maintenance could mean taking the guard off and emptying the debris and hair after you finish trimming. This would be the case with almost all trimmers. There are the waterproof trimmers, so you could wash all the hair off easily. Many trimmers might need a bit of attention and care, like applying oil. This aids in keeping the blade sharp.

  • Runtime

The finest battery operated in top beard trimmers could give one hour or more running time.

  • Longevity

It mainly depends on the maintenance of the beard trimmer. In addition to the mechanics going wrong, the plastics could potentially fracture. The finest beard trimmers have a body consisting of plastic and metal parts.

How to Use a Beard Trimmer

Let’s see how to use beard trimmers to keep a clean face:

    • Pick a style and length.
    • For a clean 5 o’clock, remove that guard and shave across ear.
    • To clean a chin strap, a simple and daily maintenance is needed.
    • For longer beards, keep an even length.
    • Use shampoo and conditioner to soften your beard regularly.
    • Use long, consistent and smooth sharp strokes.
    • Keep a wastebasket to catch clippings.
  • Use a conventional razor to shave your neckline.


    • Apply shampoo and conditioner on your beard.
    • Oil your trimmer and brush hair out from it’s regularly.
  • Eliminate stray hair from the face after shave.


  • If the trimmer is not completely charged, hair can be pulled and cause redness and discomfort.

Personal Preferences:

What works and is the most efficient beard trimmer for somebody might be not good for another. Usually knowing your personal needs and purpose of the hair clipper would be the best means to choose a brand and model which works for you.

There are different models available out in the market. Each possesses its pros and also has its cons. What is important is each person looking for a trimmer knows what they could afford, what they wish for and what they imagine the trimmer can do. Just remember to hop around a bit before you pick.

To get a good looking appearance you must have a great device today like – best electric razors and beard trimmer. If you want to look different among others then you must go for a beard trimmer which is preferred and liked by many people, but picking the best one is very tough from the many choices out there and if it is your first time. I personally analyze and conduct trials for several products to help you to find your favorite one. I hope this list of reviews will help all the men choose their favorite and desired razor or trimmer.

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