Braun 9090cc Review – Best Braun series 9 Shaver

Braun Series 9 Review

The Braun series 9 is one of the greatest shaver series from Braun and the 9090cc is the latest model, which has already made its existence known in the shaving industry. We have performed trials of this product from Braun and have created an honest review to give our readers a complete idea about the performance, price and quality of this product.

The very first thing that will make you uncomfortable before buying this Braun Series 9 9090cc is the extreme price. You have to spend almost $400 if you want to be the owner of this high quality shaver. You can also get the shaver for less from online stores like Amazon. The price of this shaver is as high as its quality. It seems very unreasonable but I can guarantee you that you will never regret buying this shaver from Braun. It certainly can’t give your money back, but it will give you such a service that you will be satisfied even after spending that big amount of money.

The Braun Series 7 came out on the market six years ago and crowned as the shaver of that time. Not only was it wildly popular at that time, but also during these present times because if you search for this shaver on the internet you will find that this Braun Series 7 799cc is still at the top of the list of some shaver review sites. This specific razor is very popular and it’s understandable due to all it’s features and perks.

The Braun Series 9 has come out with 5 high quality shavers. Braun 9090cc, Braun 9095cc, Braun 9050cc, Braun 9040cc and Braun 9030s are the shavers which are included in this series. Today we are going to give a review on the Braun 9090cc shaver. This is a pure dry shaver which has a cleaning dock and charging stand. This shaver has all the new and exciting features that other excellent shavers are offering including its new and modern features. I will inform you about these features here in my Braun 9090cc review.

Braun Series 9 9090cc Review

From the very first timeyou unpack the shaver and feel it in your hand, you will feel the presence of something valuable. Braun is a German shaver manufacturing company and that is why almost all the body parts of this shaver are made of plastic. The grip of this shaver is made of rubber so there is hardly any chance of the shaver slipping out of your hand while shaving, even if your hands get wet.

  • Battery Life of the Braun 9090cc
Braun Series 9 9090cc Shaver

Braun Series 9 9090cc Shaver

I expected something extraordinary from Braun, regarding the battery life and as usual, they fulfilled my expectation. The battery gets a full charge in one hour and with a full charge the shaver can consecutively run for 50 minutes, which is enough to get the close shave you want. The best Braun shavers have used the Lithium-ion battery. If you are in hurry and the battery suddenly drain out then you don’t need to be tense because the Braun has come up with the quick charging technology. You can charge the battery for 5 minutes and easily finish your shaving without any complications.

  • Charging and Cleaning Station:

The charging and cleaning station is a great tool to keep the shaver safe from any harm and always keep it ready for the next use. When the light is red on the display that means that the shaver is charging. The cleaning station is also working as the charging dock. It will take five minutes to completely clean the shaver, including the drying process. This cleaning system keeps the shaver germ-free and hygienic. Inside this station, you will find a cleaning cartridge which needs to be changed after a certain period of time. You will not find a single hair on your shaver after cleaning it with the cleaning station.

  • Experience Shaving:

This shaver is just perfect in all aspects. Whether you are trying to shave the side burn or the neck hairs this will work just fine everywhere. You just need to switch on the power button and move it where you want to shave. The rest will be done perfectly by this awesome shaver from Braun. The Hyper-lifting technology is one of the main reasons why this shaver can cut the hair that easily. It automatically uplifts the low lying hairs and cuts them from the root. So you will get the closest shave even in the toughest areas. You will face no irritation like burning, nicks, cuts or hair plucking with this top electric shaver of 2018. This shaver is designed to take care of sensitive skin. So you can buy this shaver without any hesitation.

Finally, The Braun Series 9 9090cc is the best electronic shaver out in the market. You can’t simply ignore this shaver because you will undoubtedly get excellent performance. You can do whatever style you like and you will be satisfied after using this shaver.

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